1. frockwriter

    That Jacoba pant could have been as famous as the Black Rats if only those camilla & marc bitches had put me in their front row.

  2. Ay mama ang dapat na caption ay, “Mga Mata ni Angelita Sa Harap ni Bryanboy!”
    Parang ngayon lang sya nakakita ng isang baklang taga third world! Hahahahaha

  3. Gen Sven

    “Isn’t he lucky this Third World Gentle-Boy?”
    “Opera House hasn’t seen so much opera since Bryanboy came to shore”
    “God…is that you?”

  4. kangabaw

    “aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi”….byran, bryan, bryan, hoy, hoy, hoy….”

  5. cinemeister

    Youre the best thing Philippines has since Jose Rizal~~

  6. balotboi

    BB shows the girl how a hot mess trannylicious twat from the boondocks of third world country pose for a pic.
    Girl: Snejana Onopka is dat chu??????

  7. gobsmackd

    Bryanboy’s homage to the Australian Frilled Neck Lizard

  8. sandie

    The woman to BB: Wow, it is him, let me look at him again.

  9. wannabe

    BB: you’re my slave. i own you.
    GIRL: What the? Is this thing real?

  10. Lloyd's of London

    Girl thinking: “Fuck! I would love to be as fierce as this Fag from the Third World!”
    BB: “Dont’ cha wish!! Fierce dahling! FIERCE!!!”

  11. Tommy

    Chick to BB: “Who died and made this bitch rich?”
    BB–luv, luv, luv your site.
    Santa Clara CA

  12. Titus from Brussels

    They’ve built a new aisle to the Sidney Opera. The locals call it “the BB” (“Black Block”). Though smaller, this extension is more visited than the main building (rumors say the back entrance will be widened to welcome all the tourists)

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