Beautiful Bondi Beach, Speedos Cafe, Bondi Icebergs

Written By bryanboy

Beautiful Bondi Beach, Speedos Cafe, Bondi Icebergs

With the rush of fashion week behind us, Sonny, Patty and moi went to Bondi for food, fun and frolics.

Click click click!

Sonny waiting outside my hotel. We’re both waiting for Patty to pick us up to drive us to Bondi.

Welcome to Bondi Beach!

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

I definitely have to come back to Sydney. Bondi beach (a city beach, can you imagine? 20 minutes from the CBD/Central Business District) is soo beautiful! I think Bondi beach is prettier than Boracay. The views are amazing, the beach is soo clean you won’t find garbage littering around the place, the boys are SO gorgeous, it’s just extraordinary.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Sonnyyyyyyy!!! You should email me our Bondi pics, especially the ones of me with the lifeguards! LOL.

We all went to Speedos cafe for brunch.

This is Sonny’s meal..

Whereas I had a nice big breakfast — hash browns, bread, sausage, eggs, ham, beans, etc. I love a good weekend fry!

I love Patty!

After brunch, we went to Bondi Icebergs for a quick drink. Icebergs is absolutely lovely. I love this place. Sooo chica!

Inside the bar area…

Icebergs Bondi

Here’s Sonny toying with the hand-painted cocktail coasters.

Sonny Vandevelde

The bar menu. Live, love, Bondi!

View from one of the smoking balconies. It’s freezing but a lot of folk are still swimming…

More pics to follow!


  1. i’m the first to comment? hhmmm…i just want to say fab bryan, meme na ako! ciao!


  3. Is it prettier than Boracay? But there are no palm trees! Is the sand finer than Boracay’s as well?

  4. I love Icebergs tooo BB! I know the owner Mauritzio who owns it and other fab restaurants in Sydney & Melbourne… but what you should have really try out is Tetsuya! Have you ever heard of him?????? Cheers, IZ. Kuala Lumpur/Melbourne boi.

  5. If you liked Bondi Beach, I think you’re gonna love New Port Beach in California also. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I swear. check my blog for pictures of Laguna Beach

  6. I live right near Bondi Beach, it is a beautiful place to live, even when it is cold and windy ;) I love cocktails at Icebergs, did you love the pool?

  7. like talaga kita!!! EVER!!! i like you for being you!!! tc BB !!

  8. hi bryan. this blog rocks! terific sights, impeccable fashion sense and to die for bags. i love it!
    i’ll sure be back for more…

  9. hi bryan. this blog rocks! terific sights, impeccable fashion sense and to die for bags. i love it!
    i’ll sure be back for more…

  10. Kellyn

    ok. i just HAVE to comment. you put all my loves in 1 entry. architecture(i love the bondi icebergs design), the beach, and food. and you’re fashion. so complete. maybe if you put in my family, friends and dogs you would be the perfect person in the world for me.

  11. Cindy

    your hotel is only 2 minutes walk away from my work place but i didn’t see you when you were in sydney :(. would have loved to see you in person :(. glad you enjoy your Sydney stay!

  12. …and the water’s not crystal-clear either? so bora pa rin

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