Back to Black

Written By bryanboy

Back to Black

When I went to the salon a few days ago, the first thing my stylist asked me was… “what color do you want to go for today?” Well, for the first time in what in years (I’m quite done with the light brown, medium brown, chestnut brown, lavender brown (WTF!), all these god damn browns, beiges etc.) I told her to bring me back to black.

Bryanboy, Mich Dulce

This was me last night after the shows (Philippine Fashion Week 2008) with my friend Mich who I haven’t seen since the Marc by Marc Jacobs party last month.

I have GREAT news! For those of you who are DYING to get hold of Sass & Bide’s Black Rats leggings, you may now pre-order them online at MyCatwalk in Australia. Tell them I sent you! I actually announced this to the Australian Vogue forum “voguettes” a week ago and they all placed their orders already! They’re AU$170 each and they ship to most countries in the world. Go go go, buy buy buy!


  1. thelovebug

    Omg BB! I watched the same show! I was actually hoping to bump into you. I soooo wanted to have a picture taken with you because I am such a fan! It’s funny cause I was on my way to the exit and something must’ve caught my eye because at that moment I didnt realize that you passed right fucking by me. Jesus Christ. I hope i didnt sound like some crazy stalker haha Anyway you’re looking fabulous and more power to your blog!

  2. Gen Sven

    And yay! Going to buy a pair of Black Rats now!
    Thanks for supporting Aussie fashion!

  3. mossy

    OMFGILOVEIT. that bow over your crotch, how shamelessly suggestive!

  4. Brolydude

    Damn dude, your looking pretty fat… Any plans to diet soon?

  5. ok, i’ve been dying for a pair of black leather pants. i don’t care if i have to shell out $$$ for it as long as they’re 1- fabulous on me and 2- fabulous on me. these look pretty good…are they leather? the price tag is attractive, too. hmmm let me know!

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