“Are we old?”

My plan for tonight (or should I say LAST NIGHT because it’s 4:40AM now) was rather simple. A nice dinner for three at my new favorite restaurant, Sala Bistro, followed by a trip to the cinema to watch Sex and the City. I really want to see that film in spite of all the negative reviews from people (no spoilers please!).

Embassy Club, The Fort, Manila

Well… one of my friends bailed at the last minute so me and my other buddy ended up doing a little hop and a skip around various places in this town they call Manila: Sala Bistro, M Cafe, Embassy, Embassy Members-Only (yep, they now have a members-only club which opened this Tuesday) and Cav. Hah!

Click click click!

Funny how the scene changed. Two years ago, I knew almost every face that decorated the halls of that club.  Fast forward a renovation later, I bumped into two or three familiar faces tonight… and nobody else except for the few staff who were giddy when they saw me.

On a more serious note however, most of the people at the club were random nobodies. When I got out of the club, the queue outside was so long, I swear to god, not a single familiar face in sight. I wanted to scream “who died and killed the party” but nah, let’s save it for a later time. ROFLMAO.

My friend and I kept asking ourselves the same question over and over and over: ARE WE OLD?

That’s how it felt like amongst the sea of virtual unknowns.

Meanwhile… god… I ate sooo much I look like a sumo wrestler at the moment. I had lamb shank at Sala Bistro for dinner.

Sala Bistro, Lamb Shank

Mmmmm I love it… but I like their beef brisket more. I had that went here for lunch a few days ago.

Sala Bistro, Lamb Shank

My friend on the other hand had salad and nothing else. Oh how I wish I had her discipline. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

Sala Bistro, Salad

It’s funny how one of the gossip sites here in the flips found an old photo of her in a bikini, plastered it for the world to see, called her fat and tagged her as a whale when in fact, she’s literally 90 pounds in real life. I told her that it’s better for people to see fat pictures of her online so they’ll be shocked in real life how thin she is, not the other way around! LOL.

Maureen Disini legs

Fast forward a few cocktails later, we went to this place called Cav for a few glasses of wine.

Cav, Bonifacio High Street

She’s on meds at the moment so it was me who drank all the booze. We shared a plate of cheese and some salmon whatever. I know, right? Fatty patty boom boom, that’s me!

Cav, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio

Overall I had a lovely night. It was unexpected. I mean, going to the club was the last thing on my agenda.

La Embajada even had a new members-only club. I went there and dayum, it was really decadent. Lots of glass, mirrors, wood, etc. It was awesome. But it was dead empty. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take photos because the owners wanted to keep it super private to keep the ‘mystery’ factor. In Manila where everyone is a god damn VIP, VVIP (Very VIP) and VVVIP, it would be interesting to see how it goes.

It was refreshing to go out for a change (I knowwwww, right) but quite frankly, my partying days here are so over I’d rather stay at home and talk to people I know on the phone.

Ah well, that’s third world for you.