Ali Michael on Today Show

I originally did not want to run the Ali Michael (who just turned 18 today and lost her period for OVER a year) Teen Vogue explosive but emotions are high right now online and I have to take a stand. Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate slim and slender models. IMO, clothes usually look best on a long, lean body with angular features. Olga Sherer is super fierce, fantastic and I love her! I also confess that I’m one of those people who are too quick and careless in judging a model’s body, labeling someone with just a little bit of excess weight as “plus sized”!

I do, however, support and commend Ali for speaking out on what she went through. I know there will always be someone out there willing to hit the extreme to do the job but the amount of pressure placed on models these days is absolutely insane and worse, some of these girls are so young and they’re only getting younger and younger! I don’t blame beautiful young women such as Ali to succumb to this intense pressure. If anything, I think the industry should SLOW down in discovering new models. There’s just too many of them these days, the churn rate is so high! You know there’s wayyy too many models out there when you don’t even know their names or remember their faces!

Ali Michael backstage at Lanvin, Spring/Summer 2008. Photos by
Ali Michael backstage at Lanvin, Spring/Summer 2008. Photos by

What are your thoughts on this? I have so many things going through my head. For instance, why is Teen Vogue running the story just now? Are they sensationalizing this? Is this a temporary stand? Will Teen Vogue feature “skinny” models hiding (if any) their eating disorders in the future?

Patty over at Fully Chic has snippets of Ali’s “coming out” story on Teen Vogue. Check it out.

What annoys me the MOST however is how Today reports that the average American woman is 5 foot 4 tall and 163 pounds. I hate it with a passion whenever the media brings out “real woman” statistics. Why is it such a big deal to focus on “skinny” models (a very tiny speck of the population) when everybody else is UNHEALTHILY packing (myself included) the pounds?