27 Dresses

Written By bryanboy

27 Dresses

What am I doing watching chick flicks at 3:44AM? I just finished the film 27 Dresses (starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden). It’ a cute film. A bit cheesy and cliched but that’s how I like my movies. Y’all know I ONLY watch chick flicks and I’m a sucker for movies like this.

After all these years, I honestly did not know (until now) that you can actually buy films on iTunes. Oi vey!

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow. Finally! I need to get out of bed somehow and I stink like fuckin day-old baby spew.

PS. You know who you are… thank you so much for the flowers. That was very sweet, thoughtful and very kind of you.


  1. OMG! You got flowers. How sweet.
    Here’s my address for flowers.

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