Y Weekend Beijing

Written By bryanboy

Y Weekend Beijing

Are you in Beijing, China? Get yourselves a copy of the latest issue of “Y Weekend“, a weekly publication for Chinese youth. I love, love, love Y Weekend! There’s an article about me… click HERE to read it.

Anyhoo, set it in stone bitches, I’m gonna learn Chinese (Mandarin) someday. I have to! BRICs for the win!

When I was younger I wanted to learn foreign languages but in this day and age of the internet… and when everyone in the Western World speaks English, I think it’s irrelevant (not to mention a bit pretentious) to learn a European language.

China, on the other hand, is the future and we all need to embrace her power. I have Chinese friends and I think they’re a fabulous lot. They really keep their word.


  1. hi bryanboy i’m back hahaha! been busy so i havent been commenting. anyhoo, i had to learn chinese when i was younger. ohh the horrors it gave me growing up. but it’s kinda useful now here. ordering in chinese restaurants. buying things in chinatown. talking to chinese friends. soooo worth the 13 years of education i had. but i still can’t read the article. !!!

  2. hi bryanboy. i graduated from a Chinese school and still I’m not able to read the article. Whoah!

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