Would you believe?

Written By bryanboy

Would you believe?

Bye bye size zero. Bye bye size two. It’s 2:51AM and I’m in a very foul mood (don’t ask… I’ll elaborate later). I thought I’d get my mind off things via good ol’ retail therapy. I’m about to press the check-out button and then I had an epiphany.

It’s SOOO weird looking at my shopping basket only to realize ALL of the things I want to buy are tagged as men’s. *sigh*

Raf by Raf Simons.


I know.

It’s our little secret. Shush.


  1. 30 inch waist? HALE NO.
    I measured myself earlier this morning and I’m 26.
    Men’s sizing, as YOU should know, starts at either 28 or 30. I usually get my shit altered so there. There’s nothing to flaunt :-)

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