Wisdom Tooth Removal

Written By bryanboy

Wisdom Tooth Removal

I missed my appointment yesterday because of all these errands (UGH!) so I went to the hospital this afternoon. My lovely dentist told me it wasn’t my left molar that’s been giving me problems lately (no need for a root canal afterall) and it’s my upper left wisdom tooth instead. I got the little fucker extracted. WITHOUT ANY PAINKILLERS!!! You know how it feels when a huge fat cock is fucking your ass and it hurts around the hole sooo bad but when it hits yer prostate it feels soo good to the point where you feel like peeing? It was like that. Times 10,000. God I’m such a masochist. Took almost three AGONIZING hours… but more on that later.

I was gonna do a little faggotry in motion video and then I realized I don’t have ANY movie editor software in this computer. I HATE IT!!!

More updates in a bit. Pictionary time!


  1. No painkillers?? Poor baby..I got Vicodin for my wisdom teeth, and my root canal! Hope you feel better soon!

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