I have NOT weighed myself in years because of my fear of weight but guess what? I went to the department store yesterday afternoon to buy some socks and I saw the Xenical booth where you step on a scale (barefoot) and they:

1) tell you how much you weigh and
2) tell you your body fat percentage.

Yes… I have a huge gut, flabby arms and stretch marks (this is why I don’t wear tank tops
anymore) but at this point, I have nothing to lose. I might as well face
the music and know the truth and nothing but the truth because the
truth shall set me free. I’m super pissed because I also went to my
designer friend Mich… for the first time, I couldn’t fit her
sample-sized jackets — AND I TRIED FOUR JACKETS!!!

Enough dilly dally and let’s cut the story short. The scale said I weigh 54 kilos or 119 pounds!!! I was actually expecting to be in the 130s range so I was happy.

And then came the not-so-good part:

A mind-blowing 27% body fat!!!!

According to Wikipedia, which is not really a reliable reference but it’s still a good reference nevertheless, the recommended body fat for males is 8-14% and if you’re over 25% body fat, you are obese!! I know I whinge and moan about being "obese" but come on!!! How can I be at 27% body fat?

The lady said my frame is very tiny hence the crazy body fat percentage figure but whatevs. I think that Xenical body fat percentage hoo haa is a sham and a fraud. How accurate are those things anyway?

Ugh. Definitely ruined my day. The funnies thing is that bitch got the nerve to hand me a flyer to consider taking Xenical. ROLFMAO. Oh well.