Welcome to Sydney!

Written By bryanboy

Welcome to Sydney!

It's not just Mischa Barton who's gone Sydneyside. Guess who's in town for fashion week? Y'all know I am not capable of keeping secrets for too long and now that I'm here, let's BRING IT ON. THIRD WORLD REPRESENT!

Welcome to Sydney

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2008-2009) kicked off today and I missed the first day of shows because of the last-minute flight but we're going full throttle tomorrow! I'll do my best to attend a lot of the shows, meet some of the models, designers and the rest of the lovely Aussie fash pack. I have 39-40 shows on my list. CRAZINESS!! This is gonna be fun, fun, FUN!

PS. Can I just say something? I've been here for the past five hours and let me tell you, Sydney is brimming with gorgeous guys! Major eye candy EVERYWHERE! I'm not even talking about fashion faggots (hopefully I'll see some of them soon)  but man, all these Sydney commoners, from the average guy to your suit-wearing city slicker walking around the CBD (Central Business District?), well, a lot of them are friggin GORGEOUS!!!!! The moment I got out of the airport right down to strolling around town, all these tall, hot, blond guys with funky haircuts are everywhere. I swear it's like Sweden all over again!


  1. omg bb you have got to come to melbourne!!!!! u cant jus stop by sydney and not melbourne!!!!

  2. AphroditeUndercover

    Fantastic! I just posted a comment to your earlier post, and now you’ve landed. Have a blast Bryan. Savor sexy, sassy Sydney.

  3. crinkleton

    knew it!
    yay for bryanboy!
    Today Sydney,
    tomorrow New York! and Paris, London and Milan respectfully.

  4. melbourne dude… we dress better :P
    it’s the only place in our country where its common to see PLAY t-shirts on 14yr olds
    haha have fun and welcome to australia

  5. I’ve gone out with this guy from Sydney a few times. He has the most perfect cheekbones.

  6. Horrors!
    I don’t usually pick up left trash in a mall but I was waiting for somebody in a little bistro corner and I just had to while away my time and I started pouring over today’s MANILA STANDARD and, guess what,BB, Malou Fernandez trashed you big time. This, while bragging about helping a trunk show of MJ and another designer down memory lane. The gall of her flaunting her quickie association with them. For one thing, it was in Nan Duskins in Philly, okay, not BARNEYS NY in the Big Apple. Nan Duskins – when it was around (now defunct I believe)- was a small boutique that catered to the Jewish ladies of Rittenhouse Square and straying stuffy old Mainline Philadelphians – the kind who could not easily distinguish and who could not care less if it was Chanel or not. In other words, not fashionista heaven. Upscale according to …them and the locals (there’s no Bergdorf nor Saks after all in Center City Philly)… but in the over-all American retailing landscape, Nan Duskin was a Mom-and-Pop eponymous operation and Ms. Fernandez impressing on the reader her experience to reclaim some kind of glamour by association is pathetic to say the least.
    Also, it taxes my belief to rely on her story of being pulled in (from a weekend of student drinking binge) to help man the trunk show. Nan Duskins – as I remembered it – had a long-term professinal sales staff of ladies who had their own client lists and would have had personally handled any seasonal trunk shows themselves to claim their commissions. The likely story was that Malou Fernandez – as a student – was probably a Temp (Temporary), the lowest in the retail food chain, doing the dirty work of packing and unpacking the collections or doing the running around for the regular staff. As such, she would unlikely have had any close encounters with those designers nor would she have laised with the clientele. As Katulong baga. If she was, who cares, as long as she doesn’t brandish that experience in a hoity-toity manner several years later. Not all readers are clueless, you know.
    Anyway, here’s what she wrote of BB (I presume):
    All in all, the evening was great except for this little incident I thought was very X-Files because it seemed like I met an alien. After checking out all the items and walking around sipping champagne and tasting Manila Peninsula’s mouth-watering chocolates served on a bed of ice I bumped into an avid Marc Jacobs fan who is supposedly known as a fashionista. Now be aware I never met this person in my life and you just don’t expect to bump into riff raff in these kinds of events (Oh well there is always a first). Anyway, he tried to get my attention by saying “I love you Malu,” meaning my column or whatever. I had to figure out who he was for a while until someone signalled it out to me. When I figured out who he was, I almost burst out laughing but I tried my best to be polite. Unfortunately, all I could think of was that quilted jacket he was wearing. For a self-proclaimed fashionista he should know better. Winter clothes or anything quilted is just a faux pas in the middle of the summer. His armpits must have been on fire! Perhaps it was a vintage Gaultier jacket circa 1991. Gaultier or not, I was quite perplexed with the whole outfit. I couldn’t express myself to this person strongly enough.
    Now, now dear I say this with love, just like you expressed your love for my wit and my column. You disappeared so fast and I had so much more to say to you. The next time you see me don’t forget to get Henri Calayag’s number from me, I’m sure he will make an exception if I make the appointment for you. He is really a great colorist, which I think you are in dire need of. But I have a wicked sense of humor, as the whole world knows by now, so I just ran up to my friends and burst out laughing! I figured ending an evening with a laugh usually means you had a great time even if you met an alien along the way.

  7. lyndevil

    dont be late to the show, i wanna read about it hehehe
    ur blog is so entertaining
    much love.

  8. Oh sweetheart! I want to go there too! Haha, I love you and your blog so much Ive started to call you sweethaert :)Hope you have the best time ever there!
    Love from Alexandra


  10. mama san ka stay sa sydney? im here. ano ang mga plano plano mo. i wanna meet you if ever.saan ka rarampa pag gabi? kita kits

  11. Have a great time there BB! I’m sure it’ll be a blast. Oh, don’t forget to post the Aussie loot you’ll have.

  12. Bryan email me it’s John From Sydney would like to meet. Thanks for keeping up the faggotry!
    Love you, Stalk you, John

  13. catfiend

    i spent 4 days in melbourne and sydney and TOTALLY agree with your comments about the hot guys. it’s freaking raining hot men out there!

  14. Jazzii.

    I know some gorgeous people from Sydney..and Melbs. And they’re gay!
    Enjoy Aussie. :]

  15. LOL
    Hope you loved Sydney, we have some pretty good stuff here.

  16. deckhead

    80 percent of good looking guys in Sydney are Gays, the others are racist. I live there for 17 years, i know the place

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