Welcome to Sydney!

It's not just Mischa Barton who's gone Sydneyside. Guess who's in town for fashion week? Y'all know I am not capable of keeping secrets for too long and now that I'm here, let's BRING IT ON. THIRD WORLD REPRESENT!

Welcome to Sydney

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2008-2009) kicked off today and I missed the first day of shows because of the last-minute flight but we're going full throttle tomorrow! I'll do my best to attend a lot of the shows, meet some of the models, designers and the rest of the lovely Aussie fash pack. I have 39-40 shows on my list. CRAZINESS!! This is gonna be fun, fun, FUN!

PS. Can I just say something? I've been here for the past five hours and let me tell you, Sydney is brimming with gorgeous guys! Major eye candy EVERYWHERE! I'm not even talking about fashion faggots (hopefully I'll see some of them soon)  but man, all these Sydney commoners, from the average guy to your suit-wearing city slicker walking around the CBD (Central Business District?), well, a lot of them are friggin GORGEOUS!!!!! The moment I got out of the airport right down to strolling around town, all these tall, hot, blond guys with funky haircuts are everywhere. I swear it's like Sweden all over again!