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After 200 long years, I finally have access to some of my old hard drive’s contents. Woo hoo software! I still need to get a copy of the latest photo chop but I’ll do that tomorrow. In any case, it’s nice to be back on a desktop because working on a bloody laptop was such a bitch. I was offline for the most part of the weekend. Regular blogging (and pictionary…. long OVERDUE!!!!) resumes tomorrow. I’m gonna try to sleep early tonight and haul my fat arse to the dentist tomorrow. Enough procrastinating.

Dentist's chair

Have you ever had a root canal? I’m scared!


    Doctors here in the Philippines NEVER prescribe anything harder than paracetamol for pain sufferers due to very strict drug laws.
    I know dozens upon dozens of people over the years, myself included, who get prescribed stupid, worthless, over the counter “pain relievers” like paracetamol or mefenamic acid for pain.
    One of my friends flew all the way from Australia to Manila recently because her grandmother is dying of cancer. No doctor was willing to prescribe her the morphine she needed so they opted to just remove the feeding tube instead. It was soo sad.

  2. Root canal is not really that painful. Need not to be scared my dear :)

  3. xelibry

    VICODIN is your friends BB!
    Good LUCK BB ! Love u & Ur TEETH!

  4. youdee

    “No doctor was willing to prescribe her the morphine she needed so they opted to just remove the feeding tube instead.”
    Oh god, that’s so awful. How can a doctor anywhere ethically refuse an old woman a little morphine? I hear they prescribe drugs like sweets over in America, no wonder most NYC yuppies are completely fucked up.
    On a lighter note, YAY UPDATES!

  5. just breathe, dear.
    you will be fine, i promise.
    stay fabulous!

  6. Michelle R

    Don’t worry… I’ve had root canals before, they will just drug you up and you just sit there and watch… It’s a little weird but you’ll be fine : )
    Bring headphones so you can’t hear drilling though!!

  7. nomoreangeliquecorrector

    hey bb (don’t bb, that’s how you can get deadly diseases). hey, i was told today that the filipinos generally use filipino as a langauge, not tagalog. please let me know the brief history and your take on this.

  8. when I had my impacted tooth removed last year, I was put to sleep and it was well worth it. then the dentist gave me Vicodin, just in case. but I never used it. felt no pain after. feel better very soon, BB!

  9. root canal’s the worst dental procedure! hahaha… just kiddin, but yeah it’s hell uber painful…

  10. Madonna

    Whoa BB. Please, please don’t forget to blog about your root canal experience. I myself have been due for a root canal for months, but have been postponing it for plain terror of the dentist.

  11. yes i have – it sucks — if ur tooth is way at the back of ur mouth and not really visible when u smile i recommend u have it extracted instead — pain stays only in the dentist’s chair — but root canal’s inconvenience lasts weeks incl. the follow ups etc.

  12. ALL my molars have undergone this LOL……. I’m quite certain you can handle it. Feels rather uncomfortable than painful IMO. Good luck BB!!!

  13. I never had a root canal, but I had my wisdom tooth removed weeks ago.. and I looked like Spongebob for like the whole week!

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