Scared. Again.

It’s 11PM and I’m supposed to do my usual late-night jog but I’m soo scared to get out of the house because one of our neighbors committed suicide yesterday. As in… it’s the house beside the house beside ours. According to my mother (who is a hardcore gossip wag), the woman killed herself by slashing her wrists and by hanging herself with a belt. The woman fought with her husband… and then she ended it all while the hubby was in the shower. What makes it so suspicious is that the couple have a 3 year old kid. Where was the child when all of this was happening? Well, the man brought the child early in the morning to his sister’s house. But why?

Bryanboy at Makati Post Office
Me at the Post Office

This is probably the first time I’ve been "close" to death of non-natural causes if you know what I mean. It’s too close to home. Literally. HELLOOO do you know anyone who has committed suicide? Probably not. Scary, eh? Well, I don’t know the woman who died and I’ve NEVER had a conversation with her in the past so there. To be quite honest with you, I REAAALLY shouldn’t care because it’s not my business but I’m soo scared to get out of the house now. I’m soo scared of ghosts etc!!!! Their house is not on my path but the idea of some dead woman’s spirit roaming around the street makes my balls shrink to the size of raisins.