Scared. Again.

Written By bryanboy

Scared. Again.

It’s 11PM and I’m supposed to do my usual late-night jog but I’m soo scared to get out of the house because one of our neighbors committed suicide yesterday. As in… it’s the house beside the house beside ours. According to my mother (who is a hardcore gossip wag), the woman killed herself by slashing her wrists and by hanging herself with a belt. The woman fought with her husband… and then she ended it all while the hubby was in the shower. What makes it so suspicious is that the couple have a 3 year old kid. Where was the child when all of this was happening? Well, the man brought the child early in the morning to his sister’s house. But why?

Bryanboy at Makati Post Office
Me at the Post Office

This is probably the first time I’ve been "close" to death of non-natural causes if you know what I mean. It’s too close to home. Literally. HELLOOO do you know anyone who has committed suicide? Probably not. Scary, eh? Well, I don’t know the woman who died and I’ve NEVER had a conversation with her in the past so there. To be quite honest with you, I REAAALLY shouldn’t care because it’s not my business but I’m soo scared to get out of the house now. I’m soo scared of ghosts etc!!!! Their house is not on my path but the idea of some dead woman’s spirit roaming around the street makes my balls shrink to the size of raisins.



  1. jan rareza

    My good looking friend shot himself in a washroom on a gas station :(. Everytime I use that washroom I feel his presence there

  2. as much as i love horror movies …..
    i dont know if i can handle seeing one in person
    living in manila for 2 months …… that was something i had to be scared about at night after i handled $$ problem with the drivers…

  3. Human Condition

    Hey. Just to let you know, I found your blog while searching for shopping websites on Technorati. Lo and behold I find this post! Ah! Suicide isn’t fashionable. Unfortunately, it happens more than it should. Hope this didn’t shake you up too much, but I totally understand where you’re coming from.

  4. Did you say ” he was in the shower ” ??
    And then she cut her wrists & hanged herself ?
    Or she hanged herself first & then cut her wrists ? I smell something fishy.

  5. I had a friend who committed suicide. It’s depressing that I wasn’t able to do anything to prevent it from happening.
    You must be one of the few people who go to the makati post office with a smashing outfit like that… i bet people stared. :D

  6. I totally understand how you feel. i don’t like hearing about people who committed suicide. i’m already scared shitless when i hear someone die of a natural cause let alone if it’s suicide…aahh! i feel for you.

  7. This is quite off-topic, bb. How can you wear tights during the day here in the PI? It has been so hot lately, especially during the afternoon. Sometimes I want to wear tights but I can’t bear the heat. :(

  8. I agree with jogging. Because I equally need to jog badly. I am now making do with my stationary bike. But I just don’t get to work out that much as I do when I jog. Anyway to get back to the topic, it really is scary that someone near you committed suicide.
    But on a different note, aren’t you scared of jogging at night? One thing that scares me about late night or early morning jogs is the fact that I am left vulnerable to would be predators. There have been many incidents when people were mugged while jogging and their ipod etc was taken. This happened in UP. So just take care while running aight?

  9. Sara K.

    Its MURDER.
    Slashed wrists then hung with a belt? So suspicious.
    Its usually the husbands who kill their wives.

  10. Ghosts can’t hurt you unless you let them! So what if she is roaming the streets, how many more ghosts are out there doing the same thing and you don’t know about it?! Chill out and GO jogging!

  11. Gabrielle

    after a person dies, their soul either goes to heaven or hell….there are no human souls on earth…..just demons pretending to be “ghosts” or “spirits”

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