Richard Quest Busted for Crystal Meth!!!!

Written By bryanboy

Richard Quest busted on crystal meth
Richard Quest Busted for Crystal Meth!!!!

You have GOT to be kidding me. Hello!!!!!! HELLLO!!!! I used to watch him on CNN back in the dark ages and never in my life I would imagine he’s into crystal meth aka SHABU! Hahahaha! This is crazy y’all. Crazy!!!

Richard Quest
, 46, was arrested around 3:40 a.m. on a possession of a
controlled substance count — a misdemeanor that usually refers to a
personal use amount of a drug. He was also charged with loitering,
which referred to his being in the park after 1 a.m. when it is
officially closed.

And what was he doing loittering around the park at 3:40AM? George Michael is dat chu?

This isn’t fashion-related but I just find it absolutely hilarious when respected middle-aged CNN anchors get busted with drugs late at night in the park.


  1. I used to watch him during his BBC days. Not a choice I have since he anchors the BBCWorld news by default. I’ve always thought he was an oddball at BBC, his total aura and that cocky character does not reflect the highly reserved BBC crew. Then I saw him move over to CNN which was probably his best move ever as he fits there very well! I find CNN anchors really cheeky – they add in their personal opinions when anchoring when helloooo its not even necessary (and not professional at all). Plus, why does CNN have hollywood-like botox women anchoring their news? The audience wants to watch the news gadammit not some dumb hollywood show! That’s why I stick to BBC.

  2. Have you heard the rest of it????????????
    man, this boy is into some kink!

  3. I think he was caught with something tied around johnny right? and he did confess to having meth on his pocket.. he must be really high…

  4. tikbalang

    the report on the link did not mention that when he was caught, he had a rope tied on one end around his neck, the other on his balls.

  5. Diarrhoea

    I used to watch this guy too on daytime BBC world. He was so cocky and that voice. I didn’t think he was one of the gays, and even a kinky one at that. Ugh, I have stereotype issues. I’m sure CNN will handle this badly, he should’ve stayed with BBC who might have turned a blind eye. It’s really not so bad, just unfortunate and very funny.

  6. Diarrhoea

    I do think there’s something wrong with British men though. It’s like there’s something in the water over there which turn a disproportianate part of the men gay.

  7. tikbalang

    i read somewhere that Veronica Pedroza is now with al-jazeera.

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