Random Cheesemax

Written By bryanboy

Random Cheesemax

1. Alice Burdeu is LOVELY TO THE MAX!!!! Fashion journalist Patty
Huntington gave me a quick preview backstage at the Alex Perry show and
the moment I walked into the room, there she was, Alice in flesh! She’s
super nice and accommodating! I seriously felt like a starstrucked
15-year old girl! Here’s a quick photo I took. I have no idea how to get rid of the red eye so
whatevs. She’s soo tall and beautiful. Love, love, LOVE Alice!

Alice Burdeu, Backstage at Alex Perry

2. I spent most of the night at this lovely place called The Piano Room for Camilla & Marc’s after party. A lot of the fashion folk were there, from stylists, loads of PR people, this chap named Grant Pearce (who is EVERYWHERE and BFFs with Kirstie Clements!) and of course, Kate Bosworth. All the bars in Sydney are non-smoking so I stayed at the balcony to smoke and Kate friggin Bosworth was 2 feet away from me the entire time. Literally! Now… don’t ask me why I didn’t come up to her. I’d rather pretend I’m “cool” (my ass haha) and not be bothered by her but deep inside I wanna go like “OMG KATE BOSWORTH!!!” Hahaha! I’m sure she’s lovely but it’s gonna be so weird if I came up to her etc.

3. There’s this guy buyer from one of the most exclusive stores in the world who I think is quite possibly one of the most severely-refined fashion person I have EVER, EVER seen in my entire life. Well him and Martin Webb (who is 104% hardcore but more on him later) are fierce. The buyer guy is quite a looker alright and he’s also impeccably well-dressed. Put anyone next to him and they would probably look like a scruffy peasant. Yep!!! But yeah… me and my new OZ friends (oh wow!) were talking about him because he was REALLY hardcore FASSSSHHHHHHHYONNNNN. It really made me think — how do these refined people do it? Maybe you’re born with it, maybe it’s maybelline? I cannot picture all these chica folks do random pedestrian things like wipe their butts off with toilet paper or what have you. Do they sleep at night in oversized tattered t-shirts? What do they wear lounging around the house? Juicy Couture tracksuits? Hahaha! What what what?

4. What is up with all these Australian strangers asking me/people for cigarettes? Culture shock much? They really just go straight up to you as if you’ve known each other for a long time, do some chit chat and then bam they ask you for a cigarette!! I think it’s cute but a bit odd at the same time. I’m not being selfish at all, no no, I just find it weird that you can actually come up to someone and ask for a fag. Just. like. that. Do that in the Philippines and you’ll probably get shot on the kneecaps. Just kidding! Hahaha!

I’ll try to do it tomorrow and see if someone will give me a ciggie. Haha!


  1. Grant Pearce is the editor of Aus GQ, formally the publisher of Aus Vogue. Hence the bff with Kristie ;)

  2. BB, u should get to know this brand, it’s called MATERIAL BOY. they have a show today i think! the designer is mic eaton and he’s jessie hill’s boyfriend :P he’s clothes is SO YOU ! i’m sure you will love it ! love u ! kisses!

  3. HAHA, the culture shock with asking for fags is so cute. Yeah Aus is big on sharing. Random people will ask you for them on the street, even if you’re not smoking and don’t smoke. Same goes for lighters and sometimes tampons.

  4. I live in Sydney and it’s quite common for strangers to come up and randomly ask for a fag. LOL
    Email me if you need any other Sydney culture advice or need to know “who is who” in good ol’ Sydney town! :P
    PS. Have you seen Miranda and Orlando?

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