Prada Fairy Bag: Super Fairy

Written By bryanboy

Super Fairy

Have you seen the Spring/Summer 2008 Prada Prototypes Auction lately? Oh. my. god.

Photo: Prada

Current bid is now set at 2,400 EUROS (which is like four bajilion US dollars, really)…

Yay or nay?


  1. love love love the bag!!! gorgeous!!! i want one! jst a lil prob.. sale anyone? :)

  2. Poos man, the bidding is going insane, me too poor for 3000 euros. Bum bum :o(

  3. I had serious handbag lust for the white faries bag but not too sure about the colours here….

  4. the white version is much much nicer. tilda swinnton had one back during the oscars, i think she was the first celeb to wear it around town.

  5. yeah I was checking out the prototype auctions yesterday as well…the prices are mindblowing! Prada should auction all the time, because it’s definitely making bank!

  6. It’s beautiful but I won’t pay that kind of money for a bag that’s too sensitive. I’ll buy a Richard Prince LV bag instead.

  7. Those are lovely bags. But with that money, I’d probably just stick to the Trembled Blossom video inspiration.
    Bryan, how do you feel about Project Runway Philippines?

  8. Anton's Mom

    I love this purse lot. BUT… this supposedly “IT” bag bleeds… The ink used to print the design is too delicate so a little sweat or rain would make it bleed and fade… Prada is getting a lot of returns/complaints because of this and they are not sure if the next batch coming out will have an improvement on the quality…Good luck guys. With that amount of money, you expect something that lasts…

  9. like it? yes. love it? not really. hate it? uhmmm… i’ve seen julie verhoeven designs tad bit hipper than these…

  10. in the cream colour, in the ads…theyre fucking amazing!! I dont like this rose tone

  11. Melody

    hate it! love prada but these bags are soo unfabulous thrift store..coming soon to a goodwill near you.

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