Prada Bracelets

Written By bryanboy

Prada Bracelets

They better have these at the Prada store in Manila when I go there sometime this week. It’s 3:38AM and I’m obsessed!

Prada Bracelets

I want the black one… with the charm!

Yay or nay? I say yay!


  1. Bryan ur the best. Ur site is soooo addictive. That’s a cute Prada bracelet/cuff but it’s such an Hermes knockoff. lol

  2. Danielle

    hi bryan, these are from the gifts collection from x’mas no? i couldnt get my hand on one of these as well as the bear tricks in london AND malaysia! it was sold out! good luck getting it though :) love your blog.

  3. total yay.. it is GENIUS….i want one too-calling my neighborhood PRADA store manana when it opens!

  4. hmm these are from the xmas collection??
    i went to the prada site and i saw them under spring summer 2008

  5. Hi Bryanboy,
    i’m Cristian (ADJIUMI) from Italy!
    This bracelet it’s a “must have”…but, in my opinion:
    First Hermes collier de chien bracelet
    Second LV (Koala or Serrure S Moyen model)
    Third Prada bracelet
    Bye bye ;-)

  6. danielle

    yes these are from the holiday gifts collection last x’mas. for some reason their catalogue at the prada website ‘merged’ the past collection with the s/s collection. the front part of the catalogue are the newer ones while the back part is from the gifts collection.

  7. catfiend

    nay nay nay…i already predict copies of it to flood greenhills in the next month!!!

  8. There’s a Prada store in Manila?! Is it like accessories only or can you get the full works?

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