Please take me to… Sydney!

Written By bryanboy

Please take me to… Sydney!

Weekends are YouTube days so lookie lookie at what I found online.

There’s more where that vid came from. Eye love it!

Philippines Department of Tourism whaddaya gonna do about it? I cannot imagine someone out there in the world saying “Please take me to…. Misamis Occidental!” or “Please take me to… Lanao Del Norte!” Hahaha!

I know, I know, I should love my own.


  1. kitty go

    Bryan Boy, when you get there, walk through the Botanical Gardens–in flats, okay? The wildlife are friendly! You will not believe how clean the ocean is and they managed to clean everything in 10 yrs!!! Also, there is a big ghey scene in Balmain–great area to walk around in. And go to the Strand—-many local designers–Zimmerman, Gail Elliot (Little Joe), etc–plus Stella for Adidas and a great little Italian cafe on ground floor. Expensive bec the Oz dollar is super strong.
    It’s not exactly Old World Europe, more like trying to be Old World (70 yrs is old for them) but very clean and always a pleasure to visit…EXCEPT the Bridge Climb!!
    Double Bay is nice but v bourgeois Beverly Hills–
    Go to Faberge and Palspaley for eye-popping jewels! Like Japan, you can’t get a bad meal in Oz…

  2. Caye Sugui

    Hi bryanboy!
    im a pinay living here in Auckland New Zealand..I sooo agree with you when you said you rarely hear from someone that they wanted to visit other parts of our glorious islands, though it would be fun also to that too ..besides sydney is just more protected and more taken care of by the australian government unlike ours( so sad!:( )i do hope that when you visit sydney someday, do come and visit new zealand as well! you’ll be surprise how enchanting this country is too! Stay pretty and oh so Fasyon!!!!

  3. Brisvegas Fashionista

    Hey BB,
    if you love australia so much, why not check out It’s an Australian fashion blog created by a graduating student from the same school that Miranda Kerr and Gail Sorronda went to in Brisbane.
    Thought you’d love it cause it contains the two out of three things you most lust for… fashion and australia, but not men (sorry.. maybe next time).
    The blog is really new, and finding its feet, but this chick is sure to be an up and comer in the next few years on the aussie fashion scene.
    No problem for the tip,
    Brisvegas Fashionista

  4. Take me to Sorsogon! I mean, take me to Boracay. Oh fuck it, take me to wherever Bryan is. Thank you.

  5. Sydney? No. Come to Melbourne. Melbourne is like Sydney but about 10x better.

  6. paulbryangarcia

    Oh dear, sorry for having disgraced your(one of) fav brand!Yah right Mischa isn’t just Willow-worthy!!!

  7. AphroditeUndercover

    It might be too cold to do the Bridge Climb now, it’s bitterly windy this early in autumn, and there are short snappy showers nearly everyday. Nonetheless, it’s fair to say Sydney is always refreshing because its young. It does sexy outdoor dining and partying like no one else. Gorgeous restaurants and bars outline every harbour, especially Woolloomooloo. Don’t skip the recently opened Ivy and The Establishment, both along George Street in the city. Before leaving, discreetly curse the fact that the owner also has a record label, the Merivale Hotel Group, and an outdoor music festival (nationally famous Good Vibrations) tucked under his belt. A belt he wears on his 35-year old hips.

  8. Hey. My family is from Misamis. Don’t knock it. :o)
    Not kidding, we are.
    And the beleaguered Philippine self-image/world-image is an issue close to my heart. Don’t take it lightly.
    We just lack PR funding thats all. You can sell shit to an asshole if you have the right PR.
    Hope you are having shizzloads of fun in Sydney though!! Go to Bondi. You’ll lurve it there Amsoshure.

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