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My aunt called my mom earlier this afternoon in a panic. She’s gonna play host to a foreign exchange student  for a few months. It’s her first time to host someone from overseas and she doesn’t know what to do. The kid arrived today and my aunt wants my mom to "help out" since my mum is no stranger to… aliens.

This is how the conversation went over dinner.

Me: What does she want now?
Mom: Your aunt is hosting an exchange student who’s arriving tonight.
Me: So?
Mom: She wants us to help out.
Me: What do you mean?
Mom: Show the kid around, hang out with him etc. You know there’s barely anyone at their house. Everyone is working and the only ones who are there are the help.
Me: Where is the student from?
Mom: Australia
(in my head: OHHHHHH.)
Me: Boy or a girl?
(secretly hoping it’s a hot jock!!!!)
Mom: Boy
(in my head: OHHHHHHH.)
Me: How old is he?
Mom: 15 or 16. I don’t know. 15.
(in my head: ok. fuggedaboutit. i hate children. dayum.)
Mom: What?
Me: Nothing.
(feigns ignorance)

5 minutes later

Me: Is he fat?


  1. i love the ribbon thing in your waist. super! is he fat? is he a hot jock? hehehe. xoxo.

  2. bryan, you have NEVER looked so fabulous! i only speak the truth! if you get any hotter, i’m gonna lose my mind! and i LOLed SO HARD @ that last line!!! hahahahaha you should help out! what have you got to lose? if he is fat, maybe he has a hot brother or sexy aussie friends :)

  3. stay away from the aussie kid BB…i am scared as to what will become of the exchange student after 8 months ..hahhaah!!
    BB..u look fab as always!!

  4. “is he fat?”
    omg What did she say? Is he fat? DO A PICTIONARY WITH HIM! DRESS HIM UP IN DIOR HAUTE COUTURE! mmmmm

  5. Marissa Cooper

    “Is he fat?” HAHAHAHA!!!!!
    let’s hope he’s not some obese person…but wouldn’t it be cute?!?! MUWHAHAHAHAHAA

    The people in the library are looking at me like I’m a fucking retard! I was laughing sooo hard!

  7. Guinevere

    no chance of ever bending you straight huh?
    luv ya bryanboy ;)

  8. lisalisa

    stay away from the aussie kid
    he might end up dedicating a blog to you and reap untold benefits

  9. Lol are these the foreign exchange programs for ISM? Gah i hated it. Babysitting is never my thing.

  10. sexygyrl

    You are so funny…the last line “is he fat”……………CLASSIC

  11. The kid arrived today and my aunt wants my mom to “help out” since my mum is no stranger to… aliens. in my head: ok. fuggedaboutit. i hate children. dayum. -hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Hey Bryan!
    Luv your blog. So JUICY!
    Anyway… your spontaneous pose in all your pix are so cool :)
    Keep it up yo! MJ roxx!

  13. what the hell! i thought you were 18! :D 15-18 is that such a big difference?
    gotta admit i had to laugh out loud too when i read the last sentence!

  14. BB.. you have gotta keep us UPDATED with the xchgestudent situation… I want PICS of this (fat) kid.. I bet he turns into a BB minime by the time his stint ends..

  15. 1. i cried/laughed
    2. put him on your ultra skinny bitch diet plan asap if he is. Or put him in a pair of “monique’s F.A.T. girl jeans”

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