Naomi Campbell Arrested at London Heathrow

Written By bryanboy

Naomi Campbell Arrested at London Heathrow

HAHAHAHAAH! Holy shit you guys! Naomi got busted again! Unbelievable. Unfuckingbelievable. Add yet another docket to supermodel Naomi Campbell’s criminal record.

LONDON – Supermodel Naomi Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 Thursday for allegedly spitting at a police officer, Sky News television reported.

A 37-year-old woman was arrested at the terminal on suspicion of assaulting police, a London Metropolitan Police spokesman said, speaking anonymously in line with force policy. He refused to disclose the woman’s identity or say whether the incident took place inside the terminal or aboard a plane.

So tell me British folks… do you guys have community service over there? I would LOOOOVE to see Naomi perform community service. I could totally see it now… homegirl will scrub NHS toilets in Lanvin Fall 2008 for British Vogue magazine!!


  1. hey brain yeh over here we have CS lets see what happens hey.
    just remember her chinchilla is better then yours

  2. Lloyd's of London

    The bitch is wack!! Someone needs to throw a cellphone at her face!

  3. barker

    um, she did community service previously in the united states. ‘member how they wanted to render it a photoshoot for a fashion spread? she did strut her stuff though.

  4. Close Reading

    Ok, I thought she was a dumb bitch for throwing her phone at some poor immigrant assistant but spitting at the police definitely gets my sympathy vote. Way to go Naomi! F**K THE FUZZ.

  5. bryanbitch, you need to come up with new things, readers are getting soooo bored already or might as well put this blog to rest and look for a 9-5 job. all you do is read fashion materials and REPOST it in your blog. soo BORING. u did one thing right though, by posting briangorrell’s blog here. loves it!!!!

  6. oh by the way u better not reject my comment!!! u poor thing u only have 4 comments for this entry.. SAD.

  7. again for the nnnnthhh time! this is bb’s blog, you don’t have any right to tell him what to write!anu bah! pakialamera!

  8. ihatethatilovebb

    lucky officer! he got a bit of spit of a supermodel and a dose of his own medicine…. i don’t think naomi will do it just because, you know some officers, power trippers! naomi for the win!

  9. I’m just waiting for someone to give that bitch what she really deserves, a kick to the noggin’. A broken nose would give her pause before she starts on one of her shenanigans.
    Oh, shews needs to go and do homework.

  10. Fauzi Rsul

    Bryan, this is hotness! you have to let the world know that you love ASHLEY ISHAM..
    tell the world…
    He is one of singapore’s greatest fashion designer based in London.. google him for his official web to learn more about him..


  12. Brian Nils S. Santos

    Ooops!!! The Guinness World Record just called….They would like to sign up Ms. Campbell in the “most-busted-supermodel” category!!!

  13. badnaomi

    APPARENTLY, according to the newspapers here… she was on board a BA plane that was going to go to LA and she had a strop because they said her bad was too heavy to put on the plane and she got so angry the cabin crew couldn’t calm her down and had to call the police.. who she then spat at! Now she’s been “banned” from British Airways!

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