Mischa Barton in Sydney

Written By bryanboy

Mischa Barton in Sydney

And this… this is EXACTLY why I don't want to be a celebrity. Can you imagine being photographed, warts and all (I hate close up shots), looking like this? I'm scared! Aussie-favourite Mischa Barton is currently in Sydney for the 2008 MTV Australia Awards.

Mischa Barton

Who did this to you Mischa? WHO? Is it just me or does she look like a wax figure? Answers on a postcard…


  1. It`s not just you bb, the hair (the ends remind me of witches weed broom ), the dress ( WTF ?? ) and those floppy arms !!

  2. aajhazhdvb

    WTF! Kick her out! In an awards chever? SHe goes out like that? sigh…

  3. AllTimeLow

    hey, totally unrelated- have you heard about SATC movie’s soundtrack by fergie? It’s cute

  4. Mr. James

    Bryan I totally agree! But then again, atleast she isn’t Rumer Willis. Oh Jeebus!

  5. The dress is gorgeous… it’s sad that it’s on the wrong person. Willow is one of my fave Aussie labels; I was referring to Mischa’s hair!

  6. She looks mentally-challenged. And yeah the hair looks like it ought to be in a B-class halloween movie

  7. Mischa who? That girl there is not the Mischa I knew…
    Anyway, Bryan, this is off topic but I’ll go ahead: Why in the world did I not hear your blog mentioned in that local tv feature about famous Filipino bloggers?! It’s not like local media is stranger to this blog’s fame. I’m almost hurt that you weren’t given recognition there. Anyways… The BB bag is more than enough of a statement. Cheers! =)

  8. Jazzii.

    Just escaped rehab???
    BB, any suggestions on what I should get from Gucci? Send the code or something.

  9. She’s done too many drugs and now she thinks her appearance is normal.

  10. wtf? her face looks distorted.
    oh, and by the way BB, you look like one ABS-CBN news reporter – paul henson. watch TV Patrol and you’ll see.

  11. Summer Roberts

    I LOVE MISCHA…everyone knows she’s a star, but remember, she’s human!

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