Marc by Marc Jacobs Manila

Good lord our prayers have been answered! After 200 years of shopping online and overseas, the Marc by Marc Jacobs store finally opened here in Manila yesterday and the folks at Store Specialists Inc. (they own the franchise) threw a nice party and a little show for everyone. I was *THIS* close to not attending because I’ve been very antisocial recently (I also have soo many things on my plate). Thank god one of my friends slapped some sense to my face. What the heck, I have nothing to lose… and boy am I glad to be there!

Me with the super lovely Marc Jacobs folks who flew from New York. They’re all so pretty and chica! We look like family and hell, I look underage haha!!

I met lots of people, both old acquaintances and new ones. It was VERY awkward at first; maybe it was paranoia or what have you but I felt like lots of eyes were on me. It also didn’t help that it was friggin 400 degrees out and I’m wearing a bloody jacket. Hah! A lot of nice people asked to take my photo and I only have one thing to say to them: good luck how it turns out because I know I look fug in them! Hahhaha!


To be quite honest with you, I know this is awful for me to say but I didn’t go inside the store because I KNOW (104% SURE) I will end up with a few racks of clothes… I can’t overspend now because I have a big event coming up (You’ll know SOON!!) but judging from what I saw on the windows, my god, it was pure delight! EVERYTHING I want was there — I have my eyes set on those geometric circle/polka dot tops with the collars… and a few shorts… bags… my god! It’s soo me!!! Insanity! MarC my words; I’ll go to the store again as soon as I’m done with my big project.

I love Marc by Marc. Welcome to Manila. It’s about time!