Lauren Conrad, "Celebrity Designer of the Year"

Written By bryanboy

Lauren Conrad, "Celebrity Designer of the Year"

How does this make you feel?

Lauren Conrad, Celebrity Designer of the Year, Us Weekly

I haven't been keeping track of the goings-on of young Hollywood but I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I'm sorry but I honestly don't get Lauren Conrad. I really don't. She's totally manufactured. The only thing she needs at this point is a bloody tin can. Hello chicken of the sea?


  1. *Vomits*
    More like Celebrity Designer Wannabe of the year.
    Bryan, how do you feel about Project Runway Philippines? You should be one of the guests and show the bitches how it’s done.

  2. She is absolutely boring, and she really sucks as a designer. Have you seen her line? I accidentally saw the video of her fashion show. Gawd, it was so terrible. I saw nothing but leggings and oversized shirts. I absolutely do not like her as a designer. She seems like a nice person, but I don’t think she’s very innovative and talented at all to get all the recognition that she has been getting.

  3. August Y

    Freakishly annoying. Is being a celebrity entitles you to become a fashion Designer as well? I agree with you BB, that’s the most hilarious thing that will happen in this world. At least not in the thirld world. If i were her, ill just go down to Laguna beach and continue her TV series….ugh, what am i talking…..

  4. they had to photoshot her body and legs……
    her collection was plain boring..and they just let her showcase her collection when there could have be other better non celebrity designer …..

  5. What gets me is that these girls go to Paris and can’t even pronounce GIVENCHY correctly. That is a total no no. I do like Lauren though, her clothes not so much.

  6. Madonna

    HAHAHAHAHHA! I saw that “chicken of the sea” thingy of Jessica Simpson. Is this chicken???? Mother Fucking tuna, the look of Nick Lachey was priceless and soon they were heading into splitsville.

  7. i never ever watched a single goddamn episode of the hills because for fuck’s sake people . . .

  8. this has nothing to do with talent. Marketing machine is making money off these puppets. Same happens in music and fine arts too. Fuck em all.
    As long as dorks, teens and idiots pay money, this will happen again and again.

  9. LC can suck my balls…but compared to Heidi Montag’s pathetic excuse for a clothing line…LC’s is more wearable…

  10. The biggest joke of all is that they call her “celebrity”. Don’t you have to do something celebrity-esque to achieve that status? *sigh…MTV went downhill. That Heidi Montag mess also has a clothing line. Fck me…

  11. chelito

    this makes me regurgitate my breakfast as well, bryanboy. its a shame that any celebrity can be a designer now. there is nothing original about redesigning gap clothes lauran conrad.i think the real celebrity deisgners are the olsen twins, now thats innovative stuff!!!
    if you also note that the source is us magazine. think about who buys this magazine in america.

  12. fuck lauren conrad!
    she doesn’t have any good sense of style ewwwww!

  13. Goshgetalife

    I love The Hills and totally addicted to be exact. Though Perez has proven that the reality show is not all that real [actually scripted], I still can’t help but tune in every Monday night. Having said that the response to Lauren’s line have been very consistent. The price tag is quite steep considering the lack of structure to the clothing and really nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to the style. I once heard it described as “Old Navy on Crack” because of the way it is priced. I am pretty sure anyone can replicate her designs by going out to Quiapo and buying the cotton fabric by the pound. :D

  14. First of all, it`s the US Magazine that named her the “Designer of the Year”. It`s equivalent of Mariah Carey discussing astrophysics at Harvard. It doesn`t mean shit. While the PR engine behind Lauren has the money to buy this type of “advertising” for her, or probably their, ego, it will never establish her as designer. It is an insult to every serious designer that is working in her/his studio and trying to make it. I don`t really think that I need to see her “Ready-to-Puke” collection, before I conclude that most of her “designs” are plagiarized season`s trends. What`s next? Is she going to be nominated for an Oscar?

  15. this is US WEEKLY they’ve basically become one of the least reputable magazines in the U.S.
    one week britney is insane and the next, she has the beach bod for the summer! woo! go US magazine!

  16. Joan Awa

    I saw her clothes she designed. They S-U-C-K!!! Something you can find at those cheap-o department stores! What the fuck were they thinking when they wrote this article?

  17. Eew, eew, eew. “Lauren Conrad” and “designer” cannot exist in the same sentence ever. Unless of course “designer” is preceded by “sucky” – in which case it’s totally acceptable.

  18. Wut? I bet she didn’t even “design” the clothes but she just gave her input or opinion. Lauren Conrad is so fake as her scripted “reality” TV show.

  19. First of all, LOVE your blog and style. Second of all, CAN’T STAND LC’s COLLECTION!!! Designer of the Year? Puh-lease! I wonder who they paid off to get her that ‘award’…UGH…hates it…

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