Konstantina Mittas

Written By bryanboy

Konstantina Mittas

Just finished watching the Konstantina Mittas show (my first show today… front row center baby!) and I thought some of the pieces were lovely!

Konstantinas Mittas

The model who opened had difficulty navigating the runway, and there’s a handful of black lace-y pieces which reminded me of Prada but nevertheless, I loved that show! The collection is quite interesting… AND refreshing to see after seeing a lot of fun and playful clothes yesterday.


  1. It would seem that BB is inhabiting the same media space as the Despotic Queen of Shoes…nice boots!
    Welcome to Sydney!

  2. What?? I disappear for a few weeks, come back and you’re in Oz???? Good on ya! – Australia suddenly feels so much more chic now you’re around.
    Pity you’re not in Melbourne. I’d totally shout you a coffee in exchange for gratuitous papparazzi-style snaps of your illustriousness.

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