It comes in a gorgeous shade of pale blue, too.

Written By bryanboy

It comes in a gorgeous shade of pale blue, too.

Wow. Just wow. I know I’m (painstakingly) saving money so I can get the $$$$$$$$$$$$ olive green ostrich bag in a few months but I also have major, major plans for Spring 2009 fashion week. I think it’s time for me to experience the magic of going to the shows, don’t you think? Plane tickets or once-in-a-lifetime ostrich bag? In any case, THE bag comes in this gorgeous shade of pale blue and it doesn’t look like it’s made out of exotic leather…  if I’m not able to get the ostrich piece, this is THE one to get.

Nice eh? Oh dear. Thanks Aislinn for the photo. Where did you get it?


  1. Hey BB
    Get the ticket first, the bag can wait but that fashion Week can`t. I like the plain bag a lot better than the ostrich. But that would be soo cool to go to FW with the bag.Good luck dude.

  2. sara k.

    Bryan, maybe that’s the commercial version of the bryanboy bag! you said it yourself that they do alterations on the catwalk pieces for retail!
    but its oh so gawgeous! i’m buying one!

  3. Aislinn

    It’s up on MJ’s site, under Fall 2008 (Womens) bags, top row, near the end :)

  4. I sure hope Marc just gives you one in honor of your namesake. That way you dont have to scrimp… hahaha :p attention marc jacobs!!

  5. Charlotte

    I love this bag more than the green one, this pale blue color leaves me speechless :)

  6. i don’t know, shouldn’t he name the bag “bryan”? naming a bag “bryanboy” would be kind of ridic and you’re not really known as “bb” either. naming it the bryan bag would be so beyond. oh well.

  7. OK…
    1) Tara — you know, having a bag named after me is already an honor. No, erase that. To be in contact with Marc is already a blessing; the bag is icing on the cake. I really could not ask for anything more!
    2) Astrid — wanna loan me a few thousand bucks? haha
    3) bta — I like the ostrich better to be quite honest… but this one is nice, too. I also like the other colours, especially the lilac. GAWDDDD I love them all!!!
    4) Sara k — yep, that’s the ‘commercial’ version but guess what… the ostrich bag is gonna be produced! 100% for sure! The Marc Jacobs boutique in Manila already placed orders for it! That’s why I’m working my ass off hahaha!
    5) Belle – that’s wishful thinking and too much. HAHAHA! I’m still gonna save anyway just in case.

  8. i like this color better
    he should sign it and fly to the third world and hand it to you
    maybe a kiss on your cheek too?

  9. hellooooo? just come to new york! you have to!!! you have to go to marc’s show!!! and maybe if you turn up he’ll surely be nice enough to just give you ONE bag! come to new york and go shopping with me! hahaha. i promise to help take many pictures of you. ;)

  10. sketch… LOL that would be awesome!
    don’t worry… i’m trying to get marc to visit the third world. i told him to just go here unannounced and then we could have lunch haha. i don’t think it’s gonna happen though but at least i tried :-)

  11. The green bag was really nice to be honest, the pale blue bag rocks!
    I think you should just go to the Fashion Shows (not just in NY,ok?), it would be nice to see those oh-so-fabulous collections. Sigh, I envy you, I wish I could go…
    PS. If u’re going to NY, London, Milan and Paris, can you take me with you? Just put me in your bag…hahaha, just kidding…

  12. i vote for the green one. Love the texture. And I think it would go for most clothes in my closet.. I’m not really a blue type of person. :) tc bb

  13. It is cool that you are not begging for MJ to give you da bag, I like the attitude. Being MJ, there must be a whole lotta fellaz around him for the bags & clothes & all the other things.
    Great that he knows you are different.

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