Goodie Bag Extravaganza!

Written By bryanboy

Goodie Bag Extravaganza!

Look at all the goodie bags I amassed today. Pure insanity but I LOVE it! Why spend money (and precious time) buying presents for mum, dad and the rest of my familia de horreur back home when I could spend money on excess luggage to take these with me latah? Instant presents! Just repack them and give them as gifts… or, if you are being particularly naughty, just sell them on ebay like all the American editors do. Hahaha! Just kidding. Most of you know I have a major problem with parting away things (because I’m too damn materialistic) so good luck to me indeed.

Goodie Bags

I’m a bit knackered now (3:37AM!!!) and I promise y’all I’ll go through my loot later and take pics for everyone to see. :)


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