Fern Mallis @ Australian Fashion Week

Written By bryanboy

Fern Mallis @ Australian Fashion Week

I love Fern! She’s totally my new BFF! You probably live under a rock or in a cave if you don’t know who Fern Mallis is.

Fern Mallis

Fern is the Queen Bee of New York fashion week and she’s also here in Sydney for the shows. She’s soo friendly and nice. We had quite a chat and I LOVE her!


  1. i saw you on the news!!!!
    heeyah! represent the beautiful brown people of the philippines!!!!!!

  2. aling lydia

    my jaws literally dropped to the floor when i saw this!!! grabe i even grabbed my super heterosexual brother to say that BB is with FERN MALLIS!!! of course he didnt budge… i told him she’s like the David Stern (NBA commissioner) of FASHION!!! waaahhh im speechless and i looove you BB! enjoy your stay down under! Next stop : NY fashion week!

  3. Stephen Burrows

    LOVE that you met OUR Fern..she’s wonderful..safe trip back Fern

  4. Stephen Burrows

    Great that yo met OUR Fern , she’s wonderful, have a safe trip back Fern

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