Comme des Garçons for H&M Fall 2008!

Written By bryanboy

Comme des Garçons for H&M Fall 2008!

Holy shit you guys. Holy shit. This is the ultimate in high fashion/high street collaborations. The press release arrived in my inbox and Comme des Garçons will collaborate with H&M for fall 2008!

Comme des Garçons’ founder and head designer Rei Kawakubo will create this autumn’s guest designer collection at H&M. Rei Kawakubo, famous and admired for her creativity and artistry, will design a women’s and a men’s collection, with some pieces for children too. Accessories and an exclusive unisex fragrance will  also be included in the collection.

"I have always been interested in the balance between creation and business. It is a dilemma, although for me creation has always been the first priority. It is
a fascinating challenge to work with H&M since it is a chance to take the
dilemma to its extreme, and try to solve it", says   Rei Kawakubo, Comme des



  1. i have to commit suicide on this news.
    comme des clochards more like:)
    bisous bryan

  2. Kellyn

    with my allowance i can only afford to buy everything from h&m and the occassional good bag here and there and it’s always great news when they collaborate with someone great.

  3. Eh, belated April’s fool? CDG and H&M is just about the oddest combination one can come up with. Like buying delicate sushi at Burger King. I don’t get this step at all and doubt most H&M shoppers have the slightest idea what this label is about. So much for commercialism.

  4. omg.. omg.. omggggg!!
    i love cdg!!
    wonder if i can squeeze in the crowd to grab one piece or 2..

  5. vishan

    oooooo !! H&M IS GONA GO CRAZY in HONG KONG

  6. Well, its too early to say that this collaboration might not go well…lets just see…

  7. PurpleKarla

    …she looks like my grade V maths teacher back in ’85….scary!

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