Bryanboy Loves… Puey Quinones

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy Loves… Puey Quinones

Check out this AlJazeera report featuring Filipino designer Puey Quinones.

This video is both amazing and inspiring!!! This is the sort of "prison" video that y’all should be watching and not that famous Thriller jail dancing clip. It’s always nice to see someone out there in the local fashion industry do something – anything – that makes a difference in the lives of other human beings, maximum security prison inmate or not.

I love Puey Quinones!


  1. whats an aljazeera show? and this is so inspiring! i saw him on a show once in manila and i was blown away by the creativity. may pag asa pa ang pilipinas! (in fashion anyway) haha!:D

  2. that’s wonderful. i wonder if YDG designers do something like that

  3. Basil

    this is so amazing! this documentary proves that there is an “artist” in everyone of us and that social boundaries are not a hindrance in defining personal success. I was really touched by the humanity and compassion shown by the designer, Mr. Puey Quiñones.
    Long live, Philippine Fashion!

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