Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Promo Video

Written By bryanboy

Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4

HOOOOOOOOOO-KAYYYYYYYYYYY! OH MY GOD!!! My mangina’s quivering with delight as I’m typing this. From the land down undah and the most chica of all the NTM series comes Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4! Here’s the promo video.

I love AusNTM!!! Seriously. Remember the beautiful Alice Burdeu? Well, we all know she had a breakthrough season during fall 2008 fashion week in NY/London/Milan/Paris. I love Alice!

Now. It seems like a lot of the girls on Cycle 4 look a bit on the heavier side it would be interesting to see if they can produce another Alice. I can’t wait to see this show!


  1. anthony

    alice was so awesome
    “it’s still peeling!!!”
    australia’s next top model is so good, i’m looking forward to it!
    jodhi meyers is back too!

  2. I looove Alice…How come those Yankee girls can’t pull off an actual modeling career…Tyra doesn’t know shit what real high-fashion modeling is…She mocked Karlie Kloss’ walk and advices girl’s to squint their eyes to make it look fierce…yeah fuckin’ right…Masha Tyelna can’t squin to save her life but she’s bigger than any America’sNTM winner…
    Go AusNTM!!!
    Show them Yanks how to do it!

  3. Genesis

    Girls from Kiama and Wollongong!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know about the Sydney ones though…. they look at bit bland but I definitely think that the South Coast girls will make it fierce! And AuNTM is so much better than ANTM!

  4. shut your pie-holes…ANTM is a good tv…it may not be haute couture but it’s really entertainingly and pleasantly stressful…
    anyway, this women are so stupid it’s just amazing…these sluts should do their homework…gawddddd…

  5. err they do look a little chunkilicious…. not sure on that.
    As an Aussie myself I am loving the show…. much better than the USA ‘yank skanks’….

  6. are you kidding, people, those girls arent natural at all, this guy, the style directors sucks, he’s not funny and he doesnt even give the girls directions, the soundtrack is horsecrap, i mean wake up, there is no comparison with the us show! how can you tell a girl she’s too fat to do the show. i think AusNTM doesnt give a shit about the girls’s personnality, as long as they look all the same, like clones. i just think it’s sad. AUsNATM is CRAP and it’s painful to watch, Tyra is the best!

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