Vogue USA: April 2008 – Gisele Bundchen & LeBron James

Written By bryanboy

Vogue USA: April 2008 – Gisele Bundchen & LeBron

GASP! A model on the cover of American Vogue.
GASP! A black person (LeBron James) on the cover of American Vogue.
GASP! A basketball player on the cover of American Vogue.

Gisele & LeBron James, Vogue USA Cover April 2008

Compare. Now 5 months ago, November of 2007, Carine Roitfeld sent out one of the
coolest fashion magazine covers to date… the super fabulous Andre J. with Carolyn Murphy.
I know covers are shot months before they are printed. Do y’all think
the April 2008 cover was influenced by the old issue of Vogue Paris?
Maybe Anna is on vacation at Parrot Cay and some random intern chose
that shot?

HOTNESS! A model on the cover of Vogue Paris.
HOTNESS! An ethnic person on the cover of Vogue Paris.
HOTNESS! A bearded tranny on the cover of Vogue Paris.

Altogether now…


  1. anna is surely suprising readers….. and even me….
    !!!! i should get that issue !! :)
    thanks for the update BRYAN !! :)

  2. Don't snap

    Well, Gisele for once can feel tiny instead of amazonian. She looks like a twig next to that colossal man. Is that a smile of fear on her face? Wonder how big that guy’s dick is. It must be horrifyingly humongous.

  3. Goshgetalife

    Finally, they get the hint. Bring back those models for the covers.
    I am so sick of seeing these actors/actresses on the front page.
    In the words of Timbaland…
    “Take it back, take it back”
    Love, love, love it. Thanks for the update BB.

  4. gisele is ugly
    so is carine roitfeld
    who cares about the cover of vogue
    in fact, i’d rather leave an anonymous comment, cos i think leaving one’s real name is only for the purpose of getting people to click on your name. but anyways

  5. I so love Giselle and I love Bryan Boy….you’re very popular here in Singapore…we adore you…


    i had the pleasure to work with Andre J and I think his awesome !!!
    as for the new cover of VOGUE, I THINK ITS GREAT ! FRESH AND GREAT !

  7. gawd, the minute they put a model back on the cover it has to be bloody gisele. aren’t there cover-worthy models besides her??
    but still, better her than the fugly actresses.
    miz wintour, bring back models on the cover!!
    ps: love ya, b-boy.

  8. I love the one on VOGUE with Giselle. The supermodels are always playing it safe than sorry unlike American celebrities always in the tabloid, that cover screams DANGER, BITCH!

  9. The last time I saw Gisele on vogue was 2006. Remember when fashion mags featured models on the covers? Now everytime time I see a model on the cover of a fashion mag I’m shocked.

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