V Man #6 – MAJOR!

The men of Major are featured on the latest issue of V Man. I love them. I really do. My mangina starts quivering and my he-pussy screams holla whenever someone says the term "male models". Don’t we all love a little bit of eye candy? Will someone please try to get hold of V Man #6 asap and scan some pics? I’m in the third world and we don’t have V Man here. I wanna see moar pitchers! Anyway, all of Major’s stars are there — Terron Wood (!!!!!), Blaine Cook, Sean Harju and my man Lawrence Stiers.

Major Models, V Man #6, Sean Harju, Blaine Cook, Lawrence Stiers, Terron Wood

All together now! Well… what do you think?

Good god gracious. Can you imagine the mayhem if I was working at a modeling agency?