V Man #6 – MAJOR!

Written By bryanboy

V Man #6 – MAJOR!

The men of Major are featured on the latest issue of V Man. I love them. I really do. My mangina starts quivering and my he-pussy screams holla whenever someone says the term "male models". Don’t we all love a little bit of eye candy? Will someone please try to get hold of V Man #6 asap and scan some pics? I’m in the third world and we don’t have V Man here. I wanna see moar pitchers! Anyway, all of Major’s stars are there — Terron Wood (!!!!!), Blaine Cook, Sean Harju and my man Lawrence Stiers.

Major Models, V Man #6, Sean Harju, Blaine Cook, Lawrence Stiers, Terron Wood

All together now! Well… what do you think?

Good god gracious. Can you imagine the mayhem if I was working at a modeling agency?


  1. Hi there, I was just blog hopping and came across yours. I actually googled an article that Malu F. wrote, I was kinda curious…LOL. Anyway, you write very well, I enjoyed reading your posts. Entertaining kasi mga posts mo eh. Malu’s posts are brutally honest, can be damaging to others if they take some of the things she says literally or say serioously. I guess some people just have the nerves to speak up; flat out tell you what they think. Anyway, I might be back again to just read here for kicks. Best regards ah.

  2. i have had both enrique and terron at castings and they both are so sweet!
    the last time i saw enrique he came straight from the gym and he was freaking gorgeous

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