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Touch Magazine Hong Kong

Isn’t it amazing how the Marc Jacobs BB bag is getting all these super
lovely media attention around the world? It’s the new IT-bag, y’all! One of my minions from Hong Kong just sent me a scan of Touch Magazine. My Chinese skills are NONEXISTENT so I have no idea what they said however, I’m happy I’m there! Y’all know me. Geography is no boundary to Bryanboy’s faggotry so thank you so much for the mention and the attention! For those of you Chinalicious folks out there, click the photo below for a full-sized version. I am SO gonna take up Mandarin/Cantonese/Shanghainese/Beijingnese/whatever lessons ASAP because China is the future.


Another reader emailed me a link to a blog with a newspaper scan. There’s a paper in the USA targeted to the Filipino-American community and I was front-page news. The headline could not be any more appropriate, it’s the first thing someone who doesn’t know me would ask: "WHO THE HELL IS BRYANBOY AND WHY THE HELL IS MARC JACOBS NAMING A BAG AFTER HIM?" I’m not joking!!!!

Click click click!

See for yourself.

And voila!

Bryanboy, Marc Jacobs BB Bag Philippine News


I have one thing to say. I’m pretty and that’s that.

:-P Just kidding.

I can’t wait for all the chica wealthy ladies around the world to carry that bag this fall.

I would appreciate it more if these writers went straight to me to ask questions and facts instead of writing based on what they see online. Don’t get me wrong — I like it (no, the word is LOVE. I LOVE it) when people write about me.

ANYHOO. I must be very good PR for Marc, no? Hahahaha!

The pressure is on because:

1) I have to have that bag, by hook or by crook


2) I must start saving now because that little baby is gonna dent my (non-existent) bank account come August.

I also need to work my ass off harder because I’m thinking of going to Paris for Spring 2009 fashion week. I think I’m ready to face the music and experience the magic for myself so it’s all or nothing this year.

Marc Jacobs aside, can you imagine how fabulous it would be if ALL the designers in the world named something after me?



  1. D: You don’t think the glorious MJ is gonna send you one for free since it is named after you?

  2. Genesis

    YOUR NAME HAS CAUGHT ON HERE IN AUSSIE as well since Alexandra Agoston declared her love for you!
    Don’t worry BB, you’ve got supporters down under who are spreading your faggotry. Keep it fierce. mwah

  3. harriet

    Oo nga.
    How come you’re never mentioned in local newspapers and magazines? Puro nalang international publications yung nagfefeature sayo. Baka naman unti lang yung readers mo in the Philippines and it’s mostly overseas?

  4. chantelle

    it’s good that ur only coming out in foreign press, local is cheap and it’s not like the high fashion market here is big. only folks who can afford ostrich here are the fat matronas of the corrupt politicians.

  5. OH MY GOD!!!

  6. The “Touch” article is about how the popularity of fashion blogs is threatening the traditional fashion magazine media.
    The latest paragraph is entirely about you. The writer says that they had thought these blogs’ influence cannot top that of their (the fashion rag industry’s) own, but now MJ has even named a bag after this super popular Filipino boy fashion blogger (she really used the Chinese word “boy”), whose fans span both inside and outside the professional fashion world, it means the fame and influence of a blogger, which in this case she names YOU, Bryanboy, can really go beyond the virtual world and into the actual world of fashion.
    The title of the piece is “The Demise of Reality.”

  7. Madonna

    Bunch of morons our local fashion/lifestyle editors of the national dailies or magazines because they never even wrote about your thingy with Marc Jacobs. I mean people, this is hard news. Marc Jacobs is MArc Jacobs. And BB you’re actually big already as a blogger. Is it jealousy because a blogger has actually achieved something and has been recognized which will not probably happen to all these pretentious print PR whores/lifestyle editors/writers? Or is the case of oh well, no freebies kasi that’s why they won’t write about it eh? What’s in it for them, that’s always their question. When it should be what’s in it for the readers who are thirsting to read about real style, culture and all that jazz. Fucking so third-world mentality.

  8. Bryan, ask Marc to give you the BB bag for free. after all it’s named after you so you only deserve to get it for free.

  9. Congratulations Bryan Boy! Ahaha!
    Spread the good news! World Peace!

  10. Madonna I think you’re right.
    I’m SOO disappointed at the Inquirer when they feature unknowns like Girlie Benitez who made headlines when her photo appeared on the site The Sartorialist when BB probably has more hits than TS himself. The local press doesn’t want to give BB more exposure because, well, he’s BB.
    Who cares? BB has more readers than all of these magazines combined!

  11. HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA omg that title is freakin hilarious. i’m so proud of you! i can’t wait for the bag to come out. i’ll start saving now so hopefully i can buy one.

  12. probably the main reason they’re not writing it yet is that they’re still waiting for the official announcement that it is indeed the BB bag. hopefully, marc announces it soon!!!

  13. bernice vergara

    OMFG!!!u killed it!!sweetsss the BB is fckin chi chi!!i totally love it!ow.. and lol the headline is like unmasking “WONDER WOMAN” ur pose says so and i soo drool over what your the “the weather’s cold so look at me i’ll make u hot”kinda look:Dlol…COngrats!!Next stop Jimmy Choo??All the luck..xoxoxo

  14. ashley

    congrats bryan! you are so lucky…
    keep doing what you do! you should come visit hawaii one day. my friends and i are really big fans of yours.

  15. Glenn A.

    Hey bryan! Just read the Cantonese Ad, I really cant read it in full cause only my dad could do that, but on the lower rightmost corner, (from what I understand) It says that the “BB bag” from o8 spring collection is named from a male filipino blogger nmed bryanboy, It talks about how the bag was named after you, I guess thats all I understand, I bet Chinese girls are totally jealous of you!

  16. Ms. A

    Hi, Bryanboy.
    I am very happy to see u here. The article on Touch Magazine was written by me, and so surprise that u posted here too.
    It is amazing that u saw yourself on HK Magazine and I saw myself on your blog.

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