The shoes…

Written By bryanboy

The shoes…

My heart skipped a little when I opened an email from Craig in New Zealand. The subject line was "how to spot a gay terrorist". I thought the legs looked familiar but the shoes were the giveaway.

Andre J

Let’s test your knowledge. VOTE first before you click click click for the answer. NO CHEATING or else I’ll send my goons to sort you out.

Now. Click click click!

Are you ready?

It’s the fierce and ferocious Andre J. of Vogue Paris cover fame!

Andre J

In fact, those shoes were the exact same ones s/he/it wore on the cover.

Andre J

I love, love, LOVE Andre J!!!!!!


  1. loved andre way before vogue…all the way back when he worked for patricia field!

  2. Is he weird because he’s gay
    Is he gay because he’s weird
    or is he just a weirdo?

  3. his actually a friend of mine.. and I love him very much ! that bitch better WORK !

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