Snejana, we have a connection!

First things first, according to one of my commenters, I apparently look better with
"age". Oh dear. What a diplomatic way of saying I look better as I get
older. Thanks… I suppose that’s a good thing. FYI I’m turning 18
in 20 days (y’all better send me gifts — email me for my address)…
it’s not like I’m 25 years old or something.

HOOOOALLLY Snejana batman, we have a connection. What a coincidence! You got blue, you got gold and you got Fendi. God damn don’t you love BRICs?

Click click click for more photos!

Look at what I found… it’s Snejana Onopka in Paris! it looks like I wasn’t the only one who went out the other day with something gold and something Fendi.

Snejana is soo pretty, no?

Snejana Onopka, Fendi Spy Bag

Those gold Marc Jacobs booties she got for free from Marc are still
haunting me to this day. And so is her Fendi spy bag. Nothing beats the sight of a Russian in gold and fur.

Meanwhile, here in the third world… let’s do a quick photo dump. You know how the game goes. Tell me the number of your favourite photo amongst the set.

#2 – Are you ready? And Snejana… go!

#3 – We haven’t played paparazzi in while so here are a few shots. God damn I look like a fish. My eyes are popping out.

#4 – My ass is ginormous. Ugh.

#5 – Chubby cheeks. What are you looking at?

#6 – Girls like me love it when peasants opens doors for them. Hahaha! Just kidding. Thank yewwww.

#7 – It’s my fat ass again. Yes I know. I have wide, mother whale
hips and a heavy derrière. I’m working on getting my bottom thinner,
tighter and smaller, don’t worry.

#8 – Laura Hollins is dat chu? Agyness Deyn is dat chu?

#9 – To be honest with you, I don’t like it when everything matches. Why shouldn’t I wear a gold belt with a gold and silver bag with brown shoes and a blue and black outfit?

#10 – Do you think the fashion powers that be in Paris will send me home
for having fat legs like they did to poor Ali Michael or will they send
me home because my belt doesn’t match my shoes?

#11 – What do you think?

#12 – Answers on a postcard…

And there you have it. If memory serves me right, tomorrow is the day when I *might* be mentioned at Io Donna, the weekly fashion supplement of Corriere dela Serra (Italy’s top newspaper). If any of you guys are in Italy please try to get a copy and check it out if I’m there. I’m curious to know…

Email me and tell me you love me y’all! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all as always!