Pedro Bissi in Miami for V Man Magazine

Written By bryanboy

Pedro Bissi in Miami for V Man Magazine

It’s raining men in good ol’ Miami and my girl JD Ferguson captured some of the hottest guys EVER, in speedos, for V Man magazine (Spring 2008 issue). Ladies, girls and gentlegays, click here to check out some of JD’s Miami Speedo Story outtakes. Y’all have to look at them damn boys. OMG.

Pedro Bissi, Miami, JD ferguson, V Man magazine
Photo: JD Ferguson

V Man 10 (Ashton Kutcher) is out now. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my friend who is currently on vacation in Singapore is gonna try to get me a copy of V and V Man. Y’all know I’m a simple humble girl with a taste for the simplest things in life. Hah! I can’t wait to get my sweaty hands on both issues. Sucks that V/V Man aren’t available in the third world.

Will someone puhleeeeaze fedex me a man for my birthday? Please? Thank you. Hahaha!


  1. I dont believe that you need a man to be sent to you on your Good Friday birthday tomorrow, er, later.
    You, of all people, Bryan?
    Anyways. Less than 15 minutes to go and you’ll be *BLEEP* years young!

  2. wish I can send you a man for your birthday, BB! but I’m sure it will not clear Fish & Wildlife in customs! :-D
    have a healthy, fabulous and blessed birthday!

  3. I missed you yesterday. Where were u?! Up to no good? Anyway, glad you’re back and Happy Birthday! Bless you my dear!

  4. Happy Birthday Bryan. I wonder how you will celebrate your birthday (if any) on Good Friday. Most if not all restos are closed. Anyway, just sending my birthday greetings!

  5. Lisa from Cali

    Happy Birthday Bryan and many more! Hope you get to go to Rafe’s new store on the 27th.

  6. soniahahah

    I LOVE the way Sonia Rykiel always pops up! Keep up the good work.

  7. hey happy bday! Id be more than happy to fedex you some man…after i get me myself first! haha
    this pedro bissi guy is like HOTNESS! Is he a high fashion model like Brad Kroenig, Noah Mills or Will Chalker?
    but i think Tyson Ballou is like SUPER SUPER hotness. Ciao bella!

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