Mothers knows best my ass.

Written By bryanboy

Mothers knows best my ass.

I finally found a memory card reader to hook up with my new laptop so I can now transfer photos from my camera… to the world. Please don’t ask about my PC’s hard drive… i’m still paralyzed! We’re taking baby steps here. I’ve been "gone" for two days without an update and everyone’s gone mad and yes, I’m talking about those gossip blogs saying all sorts of crazy things a) I don’t like Filipino models (this is NOT true. i had the hugest crush on Victor fucking Basa for the longest time until I got over it realized there’s wayy too much estrogen between the two of us) and b) how Nick Snider and me are like "NEW GAY COUPLE ALERT". What the hell is the world coming into??? NICK OMG let’s play along with it!!! And then let’s "break up" 3 months from now and tell people I cheated on you with Terron Wood.

Now. OK. This is a really god awful photo of me at the salon.

Bryanboy Blonde


The lighting was terrible, my face looks funky, I look fat, my jawline is gone and it doesn’t give my hair any justice at all. Pictionary will definitely resume tomorrow though.

This is how the conversation went when I got home.

Me: What do you think of my new hair?

Mother: You look like the Moffats

Me: the WHO?

Mother: The Moffats. You’re the one good at computers. Look it up.

(15 minutes later)

Click click click!

Mmmmm bop mmmm bop

The Moffatts

ANG CHAKA!!! Ma, you are despicable.

You look really young. You don’t look a day older than 46.

Me: I cannot believe you know The Moffats.

(Kaya nga) Mother knows best.


I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


More updates tomorrow, promise!!! It’s 3:42AM and I need to go to bed!!!


  1. Lisa from Cali

    Never heard of the Moffats till now. Your mommy likes canuck country music, eh? =) It looks strawberry blonde. In other news—Damn you Bryanboy for posting that link to the other Brian’s blog. Now I’m hooked and I don’t even know these pseudo-celebrities. It’s almost laughable if it weren’t for this person who committed a crime. Let’s hope justice will be done soon and then I will only have one Bryan in my life to be devoted to. =p

  2. lmao, the moffatts! i know quite a bunch who grew up listening to them! i only know one song but man, they used to be hott! and some of them still are! can’t wait to see your new blonde hair when you do an official post w/ it! haha :)

  3. hahahaha wtf? the moffats are still around?
    nice hair btw, but that’s gonna be a bitch to maintain!

  4. celine magsaysay

    Hey BB,
    I also crave for Victor Basa…
    luv those triceps…

  5. Jeanette

    oh wow this is soooo not you.
    your complexion is way to dark for it!!!!
    i luvs u bb, but this is horrible.
    asians and blond dont mix, especially the brassy blond that looks home done!

  6. Now I know where you inherited your sense of humor. Your mother is fabulous BB!

  7. BB, i’ve been following your blog for almost one year now since I accidentally came across this one while i was surfing instead of doing research for my PhD. Yes, graduate students like me also read your blog!
    Yesterday, I also came across this blog who was saying some things about you being a “racist”! Don’t let them get to you. They’re just jealous because you’re WAY prettier than the moffats. :D
    By the way, mmmbop is by the Hanson, another defunct boy group. The Moffats sang cheesier songs than them!

  8. Tiffany

    It doesn’t look home done to me. I like it. Something different.

  9. hahahaha! if you and your mom have a reality tv show! haha i will definitely watch!
    moffats.. hahaha good one!

  10. forever

    please lang, don’t mind those sods calling you names – alam mo kung anong gusto nila, they just want you to use your fame, power and popularity to further their cause. anong filipino models??? they’re all fugs. all they are are ‘feeling models’ – pero mukhang tae naman lahat. if they were so hot, they’d have made to milan by now, look at all the russian, brazilian and chinese models. they even have models from african countries like somalia and kenya, so it’s not because they don’t know where we are – oh yeah, they know we’re here and they know filipino models aren’t worth any shit.

  11. ahahahahahahahah oh god your mom!! i’m a moffatt fan, im not gonna lie.. lol. you don’t look like them!!

  12. what do you mean there’s “too much estrogen between you two?” victor basa’s gay?! :))

  13. mymailboxbaby

    i need more neck neck neck
    oh bb youre loosing ur neck hahahaha
    wink bitch!

  14. cavawho

    Mmmbop is Hanson :P And you are hotter than the Moffatts BB! : )

  15. love you’re mom, she’s like my mom. hehehe. and yes,my ma know’s moffats too. so there. i guess it’s a mom thing. they’re all abducted by aliens one day and was overdosed with cheesy boy band singing wannabes.
    don’t stress with the tress i bet it’s rockin’. =p

  16. Pia Magalona

    I dunno, BB, but I really think you look fine in the multi-photo. But I AM a very positive person, so maybe that’s why. Seriously… you look fine.

  17. I cant believe your mom said Moffatts! I honestly laughed when I read it. It wouldnt even have drawn to me.. but come to think of it… haha your Mom is funny :)

  18. ROFL at the guy who said “Victor Basa is gay?”
    Well, maybe not GAY, but bi.
    Anyway… Duh! You and Nick can’t be going out. I mean, Nick also gets bottom.

  19. coke-a-holic

    have you been binging on some ganja cakes? you look bloated… ewww… still looking chica though.

  20. coke-a-holic

    by the way, bb, you’re getting MASA na… before you know it, you’re leading a revolution na. FAGGOTRY in revolution… lurrrve it?

  21. ambiex

    moffats nga! i like ur hair because it’s short now, but the color doesn’t work so well for you. ur mom is hilarious! i luv her already. btw, if the moffats didn’t sing mmm-bop, what was their claim to fame? can u ask ur mom– perhaps she knows too? seriously. LOL!

  22. Hottie

    OMG. Your mom’s hilariousness. Haha :P
    And Victor Basa? He’s soo not coolness. Trust me. ;)

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