Mich Dulce likes to eat manginas

Written By bryanboy

Mich Dulce likes to eat manginas

Good god gracious.

Bryanboy, Mich Dulce, Kitchen

Would you believe I haven’t touched an alcoholic drink in 3 months until last night? After a dozen and a half martinis, this is how my Friday night ended.

Bryanboy drunk at M Cafe

Classy and sophisticated, innit?


  1. Genesis

    Mich Dulce….she’s a fucking awesome designer. Hot clothes! I love your new hair Bryan!!!!!!!!!!! Hot as!!!

  2. It was AMAZING to finally meet you after all this time! We should hang out soon and make the transition from online buddies to fabulous fiends. Look out, Manila!
    Oddly enough, the girly get-up got to me and I did not take a single BAGINA picture all night that Friday. Then again, it probably wouldn’t have been as hot as your MANGINA photo.
    Facebook pics to come! We need to hang out soon!

  3. LOLLL
    i can see fendi using ur last picture as an ad .. dead model w/ perfecly placed bag xx

  4. yur arms look dangerously thin! Eat something already. Thin is out. Ask Beyonce!

  5. your arms look dangerously thin. Eat already! Thin is out by the way.

  6. Did you wake with a smoldering ash trail up to your arm pit? Put down those cigarettes, sweetheart!

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