Mercury Retrograde Rubbish

Written By bryanboy

Mercury Retrograde Rubbish

Now I know what that whole "Mercury Retrograde" bullshit means. Remember how the great Susie Bubble fucked her laptop and lost her camera during her Gucci-sponsored escapade? Well, my 3-year old desktop computer died on me two days ago, my ex-new and now-old MAC Book Pro is useless (I HATE MACS!!!!!) and my camera is screwed for good. I bought a new computer and laptop yesterday (there goes those my savings for those Bottega Veneta boots I badly wanted) and I’m now trying to get my way around Windows Vista.


All my precious software… gone!
All my precious emails, files, videos, etc… gone!
All my precious mp3 files, iTunes, music, porn, etc… gone!
All those years and tens of thousands of photos… gone!

The computer shop told me they might be able to do something about the hard drive. Apparently it was my motherboard that was ruined so I’m "safe". Unfortunately, they won’t be able to do anything about it till Saturday, or worse, next week, because EVERYONE IN THIS GOD DAMN THIRD WORLD SHITHOLE is away on holiday.

The good news is… I’m online. And I have internet/e-mail access. The bad news is, I don’t have any graphics software so I can’t crop photos, etc. In other words… I’m a disabled person and I’m no different to a CRIPPLED WHORE ON A WHEELCHAIR! I tried to install all my Windows XP programs like Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks but they’re useless on Windows Vista. DUH!!!!! I need my programs!! I need WS_FTP LE!

Let’s see how I’m going to recover from this… this… "loss". And if there’s a generous soul out there who’s willing to give me Windows Vista programs (quite frankly, I’d rather opt for new boots) I’ll forever be indebted. Come on!!!! I checked the price of those Adobe programs and they’re like $999!!! HELLO!!!

PS. Please don’t tell me to download programs using those bit torrent hoolabaloo. I don’t even know what bit torrent is. KTHXBYE.


  1. one word = greenhills.
    grew up in that place. HAHAHAHAHA but i don’t fully recommend it for fear of piracy cops knocking on your door at 3am.
    isn’t mac supposed to be really good for art stuff? i wouldnt know i dont have a mac :D

  2. Babygirl

    YAY! Im first :)
    F*CK MAC!

  3. Ohoy hoy BBoy….happy holidays :O)
    Ditch the fucking PC and get a Mac. OMG I can not believe you work on faeces ( PC ).
    For the sake of jeez get rid of that piece of retarded shit.

  4. chaka doll

    you should have gotten a portable back up hard drive for your files. eh di sana may kopya ka pa nung dati mong files. but then again, if the back up drive fucks up, baboosh na rin sa files mo.

  5. Advance Happy Birthday Bryan!
    After what have just happened… you may just get something BIG in return.

  6. did you PC come with that neanderthal MS photo editor thingy? you might want to use it; it’s better than none. Happy bday bryanboy :-)
    BTW is your PC BryanBoy-scandal free? bryanboy ala edison chen scandal is dat chu? hehehe)
    (ps. kellyn-yes. i usse a mac at school and i love it)

  7. eh I dont get vista too.
    but for work, i had to install an xp program and it seemed to work. you have to fiddle around with the display settings and revert it to look like the xp version. well atleast that worked for my coworker’s laptop.

  8. what kind of pc and laptop did you get?

  9. mac = shit
    vista = shitier
    if i were you, i’d just reformat and install xp into it. vista is soooo not worth all the trouble you’ll go through to do all the normal things you’ve been doing for the past 20 years.

  10. Oh no, this is how all the sex scandals started. You’re gonna bring that computer in and next thing you know, videos of you having sex with prominent Filipino politicians will be all over the internet.

  11. I guess Macs have such a bad rap in third world countries because of the price. ;)
    OS X keeps wining awards year after year, and Windows keeps winning more and more viruses….
    No thanks. Vista is a even bigger mess than XP is.

  12. bit torrent is the only solution to get TONS of programs for free for windows and mac. i wouldnt pay either for 900+ usd of adobe stuffs. dl utorrent, go to, or to dl programs.
    if u have a legal copy of XP, then install it in ur new laptop. i hate vista too.

  13. What’s wrong with your Mac? I’ve been PC user for all my life until last November.. I bought myself a Macbook and its like the best thing ever happened to me… As they say, once you go Mac, you never go back!!!

  14. lemme fix your computer for you bryan. installation and all, even save your HD from your old computer. all for free. i enjoy your blog, so see this as an act of gratitude. if you’re anywhere near quezon city, email me. I’d be happy to help you.
    happy bday!

  15. yes. i don’t like how vista tries so hard to be user friendly and all. TH! switch back to xp or just succumb to mac :-)

  16. Group51

    You hate Macs. There’s the source of your bad Karma and misery. New Mac, Time Machine, iLife; and relax.

  17. keri! Keri knightly!

    Happy Birthday BB! No! Don’t buy Vista!!!! Especially HP notebooks! Vista still has some issues with other drivers and softwares and hp has crap motherboards ranging from dv2xxx to dv9xxxx… :)

  18. I say, learn how to use torrents and use your money on shoes and bags. :D

  19. hey bryan, i have a go-to guy whenever i have problems with my pc. he installs softwares you want (if he has them) for a fairly good price, plus a couple of others, like this video converter for my ipod, which is dummy proof because i can use it.:) email if you are interested.

  20. BB, honey, Adobe Photoshop will work on Vista. I’m using Adobe PS CS3 on Windows Vista, actually. I had Fireworks and it worked fine too, I just uninstalled it because I don’t use it that much. I was saving on the extra space. I’m a computer geek, so yeah.

  21. Willie
    I don’t have Cwhatever3. I have old copies of fireworks (back when they were by macromedia) and my photoshop is so old!!!

  22. if your Fireworks is from 2004, it would still work, but not as good as it does on XP. if you know about Limewire, you could use that to download the files that torrents link to. unless someone can upload the file for you and give you the link… if you wanna know about torrents, just say so, I’ll be glad to help. :) torrents are so worth it. :)

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