Malu Fernandez thinks blogging is a slacker job.

Written By bryanboy

Malu Fernandez thinks blogging is a slacker job.

Have you read Malu’s latest article entitled "The problem with blogging…."? I agree with the majority of her sentiments, especially the bit where people are so easy to make vicious comments under the cloak of anonymity… it’s true. For instance, I often get flak from a lot of people for speaking what’s on my mind (even though I’ll regret it any time in future), for being too vulgar, too offensive, too "controversial" (whatever that means) and for being highly opinionated. Like Malu (though I’m not a journalist), at least I have the balls to be 104% behind what I write on my blog or elsewhere.

Now. With all of that being said, I disagree with what the Philippine’s most adored lifestyle columnist said about bloggers. I don’t understand why she wrote careless statements such as these. Is she courting for trouble again?

Ahh… attention is addictive, I know.

Malu Fernandez Bloggers

Click click click!

Isn’t reaching out and connecting with people the main essence of blogging?

Blogging gives anyone AND everyone from all walks of life, regardless of their background, the chance for their voices to be heard.

I don’t understand the condescending tone towards non-"big time
bloggers". Perez Hilton aside, define what a "big time blogger" is.

A blogger has to start somewhere. Not a lot of bloggers hit it "big" overnight.

And just because a blog doesn’t have a huge following it doesn’t mean it’s less superior than someone who does.

People blog for various reasons under the sun.

When I first started my blog more than four years ago, my intention was to update the people close to me when I went to Russia. Instead of sending dozens of emails to everyone I know, I figured it would be best for them to just go into one site on a regular basis to see what I was up to. Who knew my site would be the way that it is today? Who knew I would have the readership that I have today?

Over the years, I’ve attracted a (hopefully) loyal following and an audience. By sharing some of my  personal experiences, dirty laundry, my thoughts, my emotions, I gained a lot of readers. Some have stood by me while some got bored of me. However, every day is a new day and I can guarantee you that people see my blog one way or another.


Are you THAT disconnected with
what goes on these days? I have no idea what it’s like in that insulated cave you live in
but woman, get on with the program!

Isn’t it funny how traditional journalists have embraced the wonderful world of the internet and are now using blogs as another channel where they could express their opinions and deliver information? Let me name a few examples.

Cathy Horyn, Fashion Critic of the New York Times, is the lady behind "On the Runway".

Cathy Horyn, On the Runway Blog

Christina Brinkley of the Wall Street Journal, blogs at "Heard on the Runway"…

Christina Brinkley, blog, Heard on the Runway, Wall Street Journal

What about video blogging? Tim Blanks, who used to do "Fashion File" on TV, is the main guy who covers the shows during fashion week for super style site

Tim Blanks,

Even the revered Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune goes video blogging.

Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune

Or what about successful ventures that started FROM the internet, such as the online fashion networking site IQONS, who recently launched a print magazine this year where the almighty chica Diane Pernet is Editor in Chief?

Bryanboy, IQONS magazine

Don’t even get me started with the number of bloggers who were asked by traditional print publications to write for them.

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is fast replacing traditional print as
sources of information, opinion and reports.

I genuinely hope to hear
from you in 10, 20, 30 or perhaps 40 years and see if YOUR column still

If it weren’t for my blog, I wouldn’t have the slightest chance in the world to connect with some of the most amazing and brilliant people in fashion. Case in point: one of my favourite designers ever, Marc Jacobs, who comments on some of my posts.

Marc Jacobs, Bryanboy

I’ve spoken to him on the phone and have exchanged emails and messages for months.

Does that mean he’s not a real live person and all our communications are null and void?

Would it be more credible if I were a real journalist and I got to meet Marc on a press junket where he probably won’t even remember my name at the end of the day?


The internet is a great platform in connecting with people. I’ve met (in real life that is) so many people over the years, thanks to the internet and to my blog. I’ve had lovers, I’ve made friends, I’ve made enemies, I’ve made frenemies. Nevertheless, all it took was one single contact. Online.


I agree that journalists have to adhere to certain guidelines and I FULLY AGREE with your points… but
what does your statement about bloggers and journalists have something
to do with comments left by a blogger’s readers? I honestly don’t see the connection.

Malu Fernandez, Blogging

Your main beef is with the readers leaving anonymous comments, NOT the blogger itself.

Journalists have to identify themselves because they are the source of
the article.

If a paper HAD TO PUBLISH its readers’ comments, would the paper — or the journalist — be liable for those?

Since we’re on the subject of ethics and guidelines, why don’t YOU tell me about the rampant press release journalism that goes on in third world broadsheets.

You all know what I’m talking about. Why don’t you all go to the Filipino newspaper websites and post links on the comments section of my blog on what YOU think looks like a regurgitated press release. What’s the excuse for that? Ah yes. The paper has to make money. Money, money, money come to me, right?

So much for well-written, well-researched articles and lifestyle journalism, huh?

Interestingly enough, the man who told me about YOUR article, Malu, is a journalist for a broadsheet who also happens to be a blogger and a real friend.

In any case, you brought up some very valid points. Thank you, Malu, for telling your readers what you know about blogs.

Also, Ms. Fernandez, don’t forget to buy the Marc Jacobs Bryanboy/The BB handbag that’s going to be released this fall/winter 2008. It’s gorgeous.

Email me and tell me y’all love me! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. Marissa Cooper

    She’s partially right though, couldn’t disagree on that. Some people blog because of boredom, some for attention and others just want their voices to be heard.

  2. looks like malu doesn’t know how to embrace web 2.0. who cares about whether or not there are anonymous people commenting on an article, the same goes for traditional journalism – i’m sure newspapers all over the world get tons of anonymous snail mail comments about certain articles.
    blogs allow people to voice their opinion, showcase their writing style, get their little piece of the interwebs. if “journalists” like malu are starting to slate blogs because they think they’re more l33t than blog writers, then so be it…she’s just a jealous lump of poo

  3. God BB, really hate that fat pig. More power to u, she’s just jealous.

  4. maluisapig

    Sweetie, why the hell are you even reading her shit? She’s a trashy columnist who thinks just because she has a space in a newspaper that she’s a credible journalist with half a brain!
    There are more bloggers out there who write more intelligently than that pseudo-lifestyle columnist. Ayan dadami na naman magbabasa ng column nya. Feeling tuloy ng mla standard ang taas ng circulation nila. Egads!

  5. blog_addict

    ooops! somebody’s gonna get into trouble. I’m all for free speech but Malou has to understand that in her case, she needs to think really hard before she gives an opinion. I have no idea why she said that but, oh well. she should just get herself a real life cause she doesn’t know how much fun she’s missing.

  6. MALUsog na baboy

    wtf is up her ass? stop reading her shit – it’s all crap! only time i heard of her was the last time you posted about her degrading comments about our OCWs. yeah, that was very impressive journalism. she’s so retarded she should just go suck on a banana.

  7. lullleepop

    I wonder if her article stems from the whole Brian Gorrell (sp?) blog. An attempt perhaps to protect the manila elite mentioned on the blog? Just a thought.
    Nevertheless, don’t listen to her. She’s clearly an idiot!

  8. waaah! im insulted! She has no clue how much fun we(Russians)have in Siberea! poor idiot…

  9. Well some say things against advancements in the modern age because they are incapable of coping up with the technological advancements.
    So rests the case with Maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    (lumba lumba- can’t she enroll herself in yoga classes? that shirt looks like it’s gonna fat, There’s a distinction between healthy and obese you know)
    Besides journalists could also be the greatest hypocrites of our times.

  10. Charlotte Busse

    Hi Byanboy, I’m from Peru and I’ve been following your blog for about a year, and this is one of the best posts i’ve read so far. Keep it up, girl!
    I studied Communications myself and I can’t believe what this “journalist” actually wrote. We all agree on freedom of speech and the guidelines professional communicators -not only journalists- have to follow, etc. But how she dares to pronounce against blogging that way? When any well-informed and lucid journalist knows that blogs and Internet are undoubtely a new mass media phenomenon as once upon a time were TV, radio and print media.
    Blogging has opened for journalists the gateway to reach massive audiences beyond the boundaries of their home countries (Hello! I knew this woman and her column existed thx to your blog :P), and furthermore, and alternative mean of survival for the ones who can not (or don’t want to) to make a living out of “mainstream” media. I’ve said.

  11. I read the article and it seemed like she DID get confused between the blogger and the anonymous commenter. She came off to me as an ignorant journalist who didn’t bother to know (or was too stupid to understand) the difference between the blog owner/author and the anonymous reader who left the comment.

  12. dollmayne

    My first encounter with Malu wasn’t very pretty- obviously it was the philippine-vilifying article. I thought to myself: “What a bitch!” Now, after reading this article I so wanna ask her if she’s considering going to the gym: she badly needs more endorphins. “What a MISERABLE FAT bitch!”

  13. Malou, you’re a depressed ignorant little fat bitch. You slander the honor of OFWs in your pitiful column, you pretend to be fierce and fabulous you obese self-centered ugly, horrible looking monster. You call yourself a Filipino, oh God, shame on you. Now you turn to blogging because people don’t read your stuff anymore. Because it’s just full of crap.
    My God BB, why did you even have to feature her here?? She’s rotting in the gutters you know… I totally forgot all about her since the OFW issue. Now she has to do resort to disgusting articles just to resensationalize her column.
    Kick her fat ass OUT!
    I mean OUTTA HERE!

  14. earl denver

    i love your rebuttals BB! they are so direct and so in-your-face-Malu-Fernandez type of thing.

  15. love your two cents, BB!
    anyhoo, even Anna Wintour cannot stop the word BLOG, no matter how she resents the word. BLOG IS THE NEW BLACK AND IS HERE TO STAY FOR A LONG TIME!

  16. i visited your blog today to grab some photo for my post – KUDOS FOR BRYANBOY! But this post made me to stay longer ..& even pushed me to create another post just to share my “COMMENT” about this…

  17. She is really jealous…she looks like a sumo wrestler wearing tight Agent Provocateur corset, like a freakin statue…don’t even let me start with the way she’s smiling.

  18. hoy malu! jan ka magaling, mangmaliit ng kapwa, dati ofws ngayon naman bloggers! ano ba? walang wala na ba talaga? para lang may maisulat dakdak ka ng dakdak wala namang katuturan!

  19. i’ve been following your blog for a while now bb, just can’t get enough of it. love your arguments here. malu’s column was just full of logical fallacies, ugh.

  20. corinne

    You should have a newspaper column instead of that ignorant woman.

  21. malu, malu, malu. she must have heard of the upper crust’s scandal and wants to steal a little lime light for herself. and most likely she’s still smarting at how the pinoy blogging community beat her up and left her and her lifestyle column for dead. (too bad, hindi pala napuruhan. must be all the fat armor.) anyway, i am a journalist by training, but i am a blogger. and i have as much respect for journalists as i do for bloggers (especially the very entertaining ones *wink*). point is, blogging is the way to go. long live new media, long live bloggers, long live BB!

  22. Jack Mehoff

    Who is this Malu? And why did I just throw up my effing dinner after seeing her picture?

  23. I think she is being irresponsible as a writer. I guess she really needs the attention. She should know that not all people are extroverts who want to go out there and mingle with people. She should know that not all people are very good writers, in the business and professional meaning of the word. If she is so Miss Personality, why isn’t she in the broadcast media? Why does she hide behind writing those columns? Why doesn’t she have a show all by herself? She is so screwed up about her concept about bloggers and the internet. She is all flab, no fab.

  24. Addicted2LVoe

    and that witch is mad as a bloody cow!!! I don’t even know her anyway…

  25. tony fabulous

    omfg bryanboy so the bag thing is confirmed its gonna come out!!!! yay congrats!!! stay hot BB.

  26. catryna


  27. what the heck? she’s the one who’s lonely. how one sided can she be? it’s not all black and white, malu. bloggers blog for different reasons.
    you’re right, BB. she just wants attention. she likes talking about sensitive subjects so SHE can be talked about.

  28. First time for me to make a comment here.
    Who is this fat Malu anyway?
    Such a retard.
    I’d want to meet her once I come back to Manila this April and slap her.
    She’s making my blood boil.
    Why does the stupid newspaper still prints the stupid column of this fatty fatty piggy?
    she flys economy, thinks jo malone is extra special and bitches at OFWs, as if she is all powerful and all mighty….
    I am an OFW Malu, but I’ve been to places you can never even imagine!
    And now, she wants to get the limelight for dissing at bloggers?
    HEY BITCH, don’t let me see you in Makati during my visit next month, or ill bitch slap you with my Gucci handbag ( and i DID not get it for free!, unlike you pretentious so called upper class wanna be. )

  29. What a Huge fucking train wreck.
    Don’t mind her. She’s just trying too hard.

  30. and since she likes talking about sensitive subjects, why also not try writing about the dj-brian blog, no?

  31. brave and brown

    Hey BB —
    I read your blog almost everyday because I find your honesty very endearing, and you are immensely interesting. Sure, you blog about fashion, models, the friends you’ve made all over the world, and yourself. But hey, you fall flat on you face countless of times, get up, and get on with your life.
    I don’t care about your grammar, typos, etc. I like you because you are over-the-top, have delusions of grandeur, funny AND you are honest about all of that.
    Let’s see that Malu pull off something like that. Jealousy much, Malu? Bryanboy’s readers are international; yours are just in some major Philippine cities. Pipitsugin ka, ‘Day! So just shut your trap and go do some lameass travel piece or something for your miserable little paper before your editor fires your sorry ass.

  32. Madonna

    In fairnesss, she raised some good points regarding the negative things about blogging or bloggers in general. But the thing is, web 2.0 is altogether a new medium and it’s still in flux with regards to conventions, acceptable rules and such.
    But whoa, she put again that loser hat in just one fell swoop. Hon Malu, no respecting writer who wants some respect for herself issues a sweeping generalization such as bloggers are losers or lonely. Baka ikaw. Wehehehehe only a stupid, jealous bitch or jerk could be that careless or unimaginative with that kind of remark. Hay nakku Malu, you sure can string sentences together but hon, that doesn’t make you a writer. It takes imagination or creativity hon — which one of my favorite bloggers, Brian Boy has lotsa. You have little of it — which goes the same of your ilk who get their writing jobs in newspapers and magazines in our country more for your connections than your talent. Isa pa, Malu naku mareng Malu, YOU ARE NOT EVEN LOGICAL. Quick go back to school and learn how to compose arguments or defend a thesis the logical way. Intelligent readers know how to discriminate. That’s why hon, be sure of it, no intelligent person reads your column, sosi or jologs alike.
    What’s the beef with comments? Hay naku, still smarting from the comments last year. Collectively, the comments spoke the truth about you, didn’t they.
    BB, she is still trashy. So yes, let’s trash her again. She deserves it.

  33. MiShiKa

    you know what MALU in malay language means? it means ’embarrassed’. so i hope that’s what she’ll feel after she reads what you’ve wrote BB…with the rest of the comments too…

  34. uh-oh. she’s at it again! remember how she enraged OFWs with her comments on her experience inside the coach cabin? tsk tsk. she’s gonna make a lot of people mad with this.

  35. Oh HELL NO! That FAT Bitch is starting AGAIN!?!? I guess she feels the need to look down on others in order to assuage her insecurities. Give her another piece of pie so she can stuff her face and STFU!

  36. rudi freude

    Uhm, since we’re on the topic of blogging, seems like Malu has…weighed in on the whole Brian Vs. Dj brouhaha.

  37. Goshgetalife

    Why do I get the feeling that this article of hers is in response to Brian Shane’s blog. Or perhaps she might just be a tad jealous cause you’re blogs and hundreds of others are published in real time?
    She has the audacity to point out the differences between journalists and bloggers and that the former has to adhere to certain guidelines that govern freedom of speech.
    It was evident that she wasn’t adhering to guidelines when she made that major faux pas last year. I tell you BB she’s just jealous cause Jo Malone hasn’t given her the time of day, unlike Marc has done with you. Bakit kasi hindi pa kasi i-hire ni Jo Malone na katulong si Malu.
    It’s quite obvious that she has so much time in her hands, that she goes out and pick on other people who are doing quite well for themselves.
    I got your back BB. Hugs from your girl at the (416).

  38. B, she always brandishing that “we” and “they” attitude of hers. For a journalist, she is kinda immature and uncouth. She wants to project classiness but she comes off as unrefined. You, on the other hand, are getting more mature and wise each day, you’re really classy B!

  39. Omygosh i hate her. She is such NONSENSE LMAO. IMO she is like so low classed. ROFLLLLL!!!So irritating & not just that, the things she write? WDF she wannna start SMACK or something? LOLOL! The things she write are so klsjf;akljf;klajf. IDK BUT I LOVE WHAT YOU WRITE IN THIS BLOG<3 Like what the effff, can she write more things that are more necessary HELLO earth to her, shes in the 3rd world. She should at least be abit more helpful. yeah thats the difference between journalist & bloggers.

  40. Regardless of the reasons why people pound on their keyboards working on an entry, it is quite judgmental of this woman to refer to bloggers as lonely individuals or slackers.
    I am a journalism graduate and during my internship stint under the number one newspaper in the Philippines (a direct competition of the paper Ms. Fernandez works for), I had the chance to ask famed and widely respected journalist Conrado de Quiros about his opinion with regards to blogs/blogging. He thinks it’s one of the few innovative, dynamic and greatest things this generation has come up with (aside from the great revival of local music).
    Apparently,Malu doesn’t understand this, primarily because perhaps she is from a totally different era and her perception of communication is limited to the column inches she fills with her confused ideas.

  41. josedomingo

    ooooppppsss i did it again!!!!!
    why is ms “im-such-a-big-time-journalist-i-can-pick-on-anyone-even-ofws” fernandez’s writtings even gets published?
    ms “im-better-than-anyone-i-dont-want-to-be- on-the-same-plane-with-the-bagong bayani-of-the-3rd-world” fernandez please lang the less you say or write the less trouble you get into….. remember all the death threats?

  42. blogging is writing and, like singing, is freedom of expression. she stated her personal opinion about bloggers.
    clearly, she is craving for attention since people choose to read blogs than read her trashy column.

  43. And just because a blog doesn’t have a huge following it doesn’t mean it’s less superior than someone who does.
    Why that’s really big of you. You go, girl.

  44. ive been following your blog for quite a while too bb and i also cant get enough of it. im really not that into fashion and wouldn’t buy stuff worth thousand and thousands of usd in the name of fashion but i know how to appreciate beauty. but more than just the fashion stuff you put in, i love you for being real! and i think thats the best thing about you and your blog and thats why you have a great following. and i must say you are growing up sure you are here to’re just starting and you know how to evolve. you will definitely go a looooooong way! mwa!

  45. and oh, catryna, yes. BB should have a column somewhere…or a job at the magazine. Will somebody just hire him now??

  46. mauricio

    i can’t believe this pig malu fernandez. first, the OFW and now bloggers?
    she seems to have not learned a lesson in keeping her lard trap shut…or decorum, for that matter…


    Am I seeing this? CAnt believe! I could feel her skin all the way here (KAPAL)! Trying to fit in Ms. Butanding? Wanna be part of GG?
    The nerve of that WHALE to still come out with such an article?!
    You never tire, do ya? Miss Piggy?
    CAn’t you just get lost?!
    You should be annihilated from the face of this Universe!

  48. Wasn’t she the one who regularly name drops in her previous column? What with the Jo Malone (who she thought was a man) and the high society people names. I think she spelled Marc Jacobs as Mark Jacobs. HAHAHA! I mean name dropping is pathetic enough, but wrongly spelled names when name dropping are just plain stupid. That should give us an idea what to think of her “column”, if you can even call it that.

  49. She never gets tired of it I guess. Kinda funny how she got to insult people like me… TWICE. First as an OFW and now as a blogger. Not that I’m even taking these comments seriously but… What the f*** is her problem!? @_@

  50. And why is she back anyway!?! I thought she was fired (or forced to resign) after that OFW-degrading post of hers?
    Maybe it’s time for bloggers to unite again for her hopefully permanent ouster?
    And oh…Love you BB! :)

  51. This is my first time to visit your site and I’m so thankful I did.
    I love your rebuttal against that piggy’s article about bloggers! She’s probably afraid that in the future if not soon, there’ll this place will no longer need papers thus she’ll no longer have a place to write her articles into!

  52. That pig is hungry for publicity and attention after being thrown away from her PIG PEN!
    Lets shower her with fucktabulous attention, lets send her tons and tons of veterinary products.

  53. She needs a facelift and boob life and a whole new body.
    Right, focus. Whatever she’s saying is such BS. Like duh keep up with the times.
    I don’t think she can type or do anything online otherwise she would know how much effort it is to take picture perfect photos, editing etc.
    Big time bloggers?? What’s big time to her, she’s the BIG time.
    She’s absolutely CLUELESS and i hope she darn well reads THIS, i guess she does otherwise why so SOUR.

  54. i’m a fortunate ofw and i feel so sad about what this piggy malu wrote. i hope she will come accross this comment: hey malu, try to live and work in a foreign land away from your families and friends and let’s see how long you will last. you should at least try to be compassionate and realize why we have to work outside the philippines…
    btw, i said i’m a fortunate ofw, i head a multi-national company, get paid in usdollars, have 3 houses, 2 condos,a farm in the province, a bmw and a volvo, roomful of pradas, guccis, aigners, gamos, hermes and… i never fly economy :) ano inggit ka? mag-ofw ka na if these are the things that you think will make you happier than lashing other people you think are notches below your kind in the kural…

  55. and why can’t she move out of her comfort zone and go on a diet? i bet that’ll be healthy for her!

  56. labruja

    so why has brian gorrell shut down his controversial blogspot? was he finally paid or finally liquidated?

  57. Amen! I second your sentiments BB. It’s almost worthless to comment on what she wrote. Napaka typical, you’ll always have narrow-minded people lurking. And there’s always somebody trying to be more superior. It’s 2008, not Colonial times, that’s sooo over! And why even compare both, journalist vs. bloggers? Hindi nya ba alam totally different ang purpose ng dalawa?!?
    And about the anonymous thing, it’s Internet world. It’s DUH na you’ll always encounter negative comments and no face behind it. I mean seriously, affected cya dun? C’mon, masyadong sensitive. It’s the same thing with rumors in “real world,” you never know who’s spreading the gossip. Same thing!
    Hay, hay…

  58. Wonderful post BB though I do agree about anonymous comments but still she needs to research more about blogging and the people behind it before she preaches. It just shows how ignorant she is.

  59. Sorry have to comment again, just read the entire article. I just have to laugh, ano kaya nakain nya that day or everyday?

  60. LOL! Ganyan talaga si Malu, ready to stir controversy. Day one pa lang sa Assumption High School (she was from Section 3), she commanded major attention from everyone. I’m a friend of a friend of a friend of hers, so I know her reputation ;) . But hey, one thing that surprised me was how she made a name for herself in writing, since all I knew about her was that she was kinda “dense” herself. But hey, I wouldn’t fault her much since she’s supposedly BFF with Eric Quizon, whom I admire as a celebrity and actor… LOL.

  61. Overallqueen

    Brian Gorrell’s blog is over….
    he said:
    This blog is officially over.
    did he get money???
    who paid him??????

  62. HuhLolz.. I just got tricked into spending five minutes of my life reading her WTF column.
    Anyhoots, I thought her sorry excuse for an article was poorly-conceived, and follows logic close to that of a ranting adolescent (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    I couldn’t help but give out a little snicker on how she’s ridiculously convinced that she can single-handedly shake the world by starting her own anonymous blog. LuLz.
    No Malu, starting your own anony-blog won’t be “hilarious”. It would be pretty fuckin’ pathetic. Your last paragraph completely erased what little respect I had for you. The only thing worse than a dumbass, is a self-centered, delusional, overweight (that’s right! I said it! I’m safe behind my mask of anonymity anyway) dumbass.
    P.S. Love you BB!

  63. The Sartorialist ( is a blogger and his blog isn’t even on his own paid URL. He has put it up on free web space! And yet, Time magazine has placed his blog as one of the top influencers of the decade.
    A lot of people in fashion blog as well… especially the Japanese designers.
    You’ve clearly made a good point. She didn’t.

  64. The Sartorialist ( is a blogger and his blog isn’t even on his own paid URL. He has put it up on free web space! And yet, Time magazine has placed his blog as one of the top influencers of the decade.
    A lot of people in fashion blog as well… especially the Japanese designers.
    You’ve clearly made a good point. She didn’t.

  65. omg it’s true, brian gorell has indeed stopped blogging. he even deleted all the other nasty posts. does anyone know if he got paid – or if he was just pressured by the authorities to shut it down? maybe someone hacked his blogspot account? wish someone copied all the entries so it can be preserved for all eternity in another site.

  66. i wonder what happened to brian gorrell’s website? all of the sudden it says it’s over. did someone hack into his blog account? did brian get his money back? i hope he did. but don’t you think brian would say a little more than “This blog is officially over.”?

  67. gorguuz

    malu looks like a testes anyway. testes with hair. hahahahHAHAHAHAH

  68. Wolf Blitzer

    The point of Mass media is to reach a mass audience- Blogging is the new AM radio.
    I think she should start her writing with basic RESEARCH. who does she think she is? Amanpour??? PUHHHLEASE.

  69. Angelique

    Blogging is for lonely people?
    Maybe I should send her a videotape of everything that goes on in my bedroom. Together with my blog.
    There’s probably not much going on in her bed. I mean, how can anyone sleep with her without thinking of lard?

  70. i cant believe that pretentious, overweight person who calls herself malu fernandez still thinks that she’s a journalist… geesh, try to cover police beats around our third world metro and lets see if your Manolo’s will be up to it…

  71. Ahhh. It gets interesting. So how do I start? I actually have not heard of Malu Fernandez before, but I read her article through your link, and let me just say one thing first: “LEAVE SIBERIA ALONE!”. My bf is originally from Siberia and he said people DO blog over there (not in English though–mostly).
    Anyway, you made a pretty good point there regarding blogging: “People blog for various reasons under the sun.” Absolutely true. That doesn’t discredit Malu’s point though, that SOME people blog because they are lonely people who want to connect. Perhaps there really are people who blog for that reason like LonelyGirl for example. (I know she was fake but just as an example). And then there are people who blog for the various reasons you cited. And perhaps there are could be more.
    Blogging means differently to different people. If I were a highly-paid prostitute at Emperor’s VIP Club, I would use blog to document my “work” and compare dick sizes of my wealthy patrons. You know, just so I can go back to my notes in case they want a second run! Unfortunately I am not! But I blog because I WANT TO.
    Another interesting point from Malu, “Perhaps it is the Filipino culture to foster backstabbing because they never mean what they say face to face”. News flash…Backstabbing is not just a Filipino thing! It’s everywhere and I hate it too. If you don’t know how to deal with it, then…Then just read my post about “Donkey”. LOL.
    Finally, about the Anonymous thing. Well I kinda feel the same way you know. I also don’t like to see vicious comments from Anonymous posters. But hey that’s their choice too. As the original FabFour lads from had said, “Let it be”. (Sorry it’s AI season!)

  72. That woman doesnt know what shes talking about. Bloggers have advanced journalism and public relations. Today, bloggers sit side by side media when covering events, blog stories end up on front pages of newspapers (case in point- yesterday’s PDI), and moreover, blogs have been able to capture a wider audience. Maybe she should read up on new media, buzz marketing, and the like. kisses to you, BB!

  73. marc jacobs is making a bag for you??? you lucky, lucky boy!!!! not surprising though, you are so totally lovable, hun! :)

  74. preppster

    What really motivated this fat i mean severly-obese-cholesterol-walking monster is this…
    SHE WANTS TO DIP. Gsto nya makisawsaw sa ingay na nagawa ng blog na yun. PERIOD.
    PAPANSIN… ayaw mawala sa limelight, she bashes again (and will do it again for sure) so people will talk and hate her.
    MIGHT be that she is friends with someone being lashed out at in that blog or, she was just plain hurt. By the nasty comments she very well deserve.

  75. I love how you point out you’re behind your opinions and words 104%. Blogging is a form of publishing, communication to mass audience. For those who think bloggers are sad, lonely computer geeks who type their thoughts into their hard drive are obviously people who has yet advanced to today.
    Though I do agree an awful lot of blogs are just set up for attention and/or money, but there’s good and bad in everything, huh?

  76. expatBRAT

    damn this bitch is looking for trouble again. if i see her this summer when i go there in pinas for vacay, i am gonna shoot this fat, fugly hater in the face.
    malu, you are so transparent, man. get some food from mcdonalds or something. have a coke and a smile, you sad, fat bitch. oh and by the way, fat people are cute, except you. there’s something that’s not right with you. maybe you’re just plain ugly. ugh

  77. what she’s doing is also blogging, but printed on a tangible sheet of paper. malu and i are not so different. she shares nonsensical stuff happening in her life (mostly her illogical points of view); only, people have to pay for it (no wonder nobody buys that paper). but unlike me, she boils up the blood of most people reading her stupid sh*t.
    at least us bloggers are not pretending to be “journalists”. having the right grammar and a good command of the english language doesn’t make you a good writer; common sense does.
    practice what you preach, darling.

  78. Ei Bryanboy! Here’s my support to you. We in the theater industry support you on this!
    Please click on my link to read the comments. Mwaaah!

  79. You gotta applaud her. It takes a lot of guts to preach when you know very well you’re one hell of a hypocrite. Oh well, she only has the guts to say that coz’ nobody buys that measly little newspaper anyway.

  80. freedom of speech

    Go bloggers and team bb! I approve.
    That fugface Malu just doesn’t know how to blog (or at least, write) so she thinks it’s for losers as if she isn’t one herself.
    She has a single point, though. Because it applies to that pedo/pervert named Mike Abundo. Pot calling the kettle black — he’s an idiot as well.

  81. “Your main beef is with the readers leaving anonymous comments, NOT the blogger itself.”
    If so, then she is too stupid to realize that blog comments are the same as “letters to the editor” in newspapers and magazines. And just like anonymous blog comments, letters to the editor are also sometimes signed with a pen name or “name withheld upon request!” It happens in blogs and it happens in printed publications. So why is she singling out blogs!?!?

  82. People are so harse these days. Why dont we try ignoring people who we dont like. In that case we’l not gonna hurt somebody else’s feelings by saying nasty comment like these. Mind your own business.
    Nice point Bryan. I luv yah!

  83. Well, well, well, if it isnt ms Piggy bitchin’ off again. As if she wasn’t content with lambasting OFWs, now she’s bitchin at the bloggers! What The FUCK is up with her anyways?
    Ms. Malu Fernandez if ever you get to read this comment I just want you to know that blogging provides people a release of emotions they keep inside them. It has been very helpful to people who aren’t extroverts, who don’t go for the jugular when they’re cornered by people. Blogging is definitely NOT A SLACKER’S JOB because the information you get in reading blogs is TEN MILLION TIMES MORE beneficial, whether the one who wrote such blog came from Somalia, Zimbabwe, or just that neighbor of yours right across the street. How can you say that piece of crap? I’m a Financial Analyst and I BLOG like crazy? Does that mean I’m a slacker? Well, excuse me…I blog because I want to put my emotions in writing and I want to share something to those who reads it.
    So if I were you, you better think twice before you write things like these. Maybe next time you read a blog, it’s a death threat for you bitch!
    BTW BryanBoy…I heard about you from my friend’s BLOG and I have to say I think I like this site of yours! More power to you and maybe I’ll surf around so I can read about your analysis on Fashion Shows (I’m a die-hard fan!).
    PS. Malu Fernandez is a bitch. She is as fat as a Pig. I don’t understand what is she? A PIG OR A BITCH? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  84. Well, well, well, if it isnt ms Piggy bitchin’ off again. As if she wasn’t content with lambasting OFWs, now she’s bitchin at the bloggers! What The FUCK is up with her anyways?
    Ms. Malu Fernandez if ever you get to read this comment I just want you to know that blogging provides people a release of emotions they keep inside them. It has been very helpful to people who aren’t extroverts, who don’t go for the jugular when they’re cornered by people. Blogging is definitely NOT A SLACKER’S JOB because the information you get in reading blogs is TEN MILLION TIMES MORE beneficial, whether the one who wrote such blog came from Somalia, Zimbabwe, or just that neighbor of yours right across the street. How can you say that piece of crap? I’m a Financial Analyst and I BLOG like crazy? Does that mean I’m a slacker? Well, excuse me…I blog because I want to put my emotions in writing and I want to share something to those who reads it.
    So if I were you, you better think twice before you write things like these. Maybe next time you read a blog, it’s a death threat for you bitch!
    BTW BryanBoy…I heard about you from my friend’s BLOG and I have to say I think I like this site of yours! More power to you and maybe I’ll surf around so I can read about your analysis on Fashion Shows (I’m a die-hard fan!).
    PS. Malu Fernandez is a bitch. She is as fat as a Pig. I don’t understand what is she? A PIG OR A BITCH? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  85. The BITCH is at it again. Well I’m at liberty to call IT that because that’s what IT calls ITSELF anyways. A BITCH who rocks our otherwise boring and mediocre lives. Or so she says. Ho Hum…. I’m still bored at IT. But my life is no where near being mediocre. I am a BLOGGER and also a commenter. Our lives are anything but.
    BB, I know the bitch is reading this, I didn’t read about THAT article in the Manila Standard regarding ITS new “papansin gimmick” about blogging. In fact I promised myself that the 4th and the last article I will ever read written by the bitch is “Unseen evil on your dressing table.” I’ve only read about this slam against bloggers and commenter’s here in Bryanboy. I didn’t even clicked the link you provided to THAT article.
    You’re right BB, attention is indeed addictive but ITS 15 minutes of infamy is up. So tell IT to stop “hogging” the limelight. We know IT has a score to settle with us bloggers, identified and anonymous commenter’s alike because of that faux pas IT did last year, but puhleeze, IT knows what IT did with ITS so called acerbic wit and got what IT deserved for that little boo boo. It’s sooooo last century like some out of style and out of taste fashion. Like you BB, I also have no idea what it’s like in that insulated cave, but I have to add, if IT can’t get on with the program, tell IT to stay there and SHUT THE F*** UP.
    I suggest for LE BITCH to try blogging. Go ahead, give it a try! Who knows, by some miracle, THAT blog might become a hit and get lots of “paying” advertisers. That way, it’ll find out that blogging is not just a “slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect.” By the revenues the blog will generate, IT might even have enough to buy a business class or even a first class ticket the next time IT decides to waddle back to GREECE with all her GREASE.
    So there.

  86. who’s that malou fernandez anyway i dont even know her .. hahahaha .. lol
    she’s nothing but an old insecure fat skank hahaha ..

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