Madonna – Interview Magazine (April 2008)

Written By bryanboy

Madonna – Interview Magazine (April 2008)

Madonna is on the cover of Interview Magazine, April 2008 issue. I’m not a big, hardcore Madonna fan unlike most of the gays but I think this cover is fierce.

Madonna, Interview Magazine April 2008

Take note of her boxing gloves. Who knew Chanel made boxing gloves, of all things?


  1. vishan

    i heard she is having a tour concert in manila !!! …….. !!! if its true.. !! i m not gona miss it this time !!!

  2. Madonna

    Madonna, the greatest ever. Concert? Hope it’s true coz my friends and I been waitttting so long for her to come in the Philippines. LOL same with U2.
    This is how one should look at 50, strong, free, honest, smart, sexy, stylish. Hell, fierce looking, with open legs! Madonna Forever here!
    Thanks BB, I’d track down a copy of this mag. Do I hear the sound of George Michael’s Freedom 90. So apt for that other Brian guy. Hope Kitty Go comes back to Manille and team up with him. Down with elitism and down with friggin crassness, pretentiousness and shallowness. Team Brian Gorelli!

  3. Shahirah Alqadri

    I like Madonna, I think her music is awesome. But what I don’t understand is how she can do all these poses to promote herself and restrict almost everythin that is fun from her children.
    Oh well…just my two cents anyways.

  4. bryanboy bryanboy, ur chanel gloves comment totally proved u should be be working in fashion. i mean ur attention to details is just wow. I mean who would’ve picked that up? the next melanie huynh that u r :P.

  5. Pale Jesson

    Madonna – she who reigns supreme. Total genius,long may she flourish!

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