Jean Paul Gaultier Gladiator Sandals

Written By bryanboy

Jean Paul Gaultier Gladiator Sandals

Everyone’s gone nuts with this whole gladiator craze. Got $6,000 to spare… you go right ahead and spend it all on Balenciaga.

I, on the other hand, will continue to lust (and fantasize) over these JPG sandals.

Jean Paul Gaultier Gladiator Sandals

Jean Paul Gaultier Gladiator Sandals
US$1,425 @ eLuxury

If you are a woman and a size 40 (american 10), please, do not, under any circumstances, buy a pair online. I have my eyes set on it when they go on sale later this year.


  1. Vanessa

    I am totally going to wear that pair on my wedding. But chill, no competition here, Bryan. I have the tiny feets and my US 6 will not fight your 10.

  2. Guinevere

    they look like regular sandals with those lacey socks used by kids during sunday mass….and they will emphasize your start doing toe lifts so your lower extremities don’t look like transplanted giant calves intricately laced by cheap knee high children’s socks.
    peace out.
    luv ya to death but exnay on these shoes.JPG has better!;)

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