Io Donna

Written By bryanboy

Io Donna

Eva Mendes, who recently just got out of rehab, is on the cover of Io Donna.

Eva Mendes, March 1, 2008 Io Donna

And guess who got a mention… OMG!

Bryanboy, Io Donna Italy Corriere della Serra

Yay!!! My next goal: 10-page spread at V Magazine or Vogue Paris! Hahahaha! Just kiddin.

Thanks to Milky from Italy for the scan!


  1. Lloyd's of London

    Congrats on making it in the mag. But wait, they spelled “Filipino” wrong!

  2. ciociosan

    verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramente! bravissima! complimenti!
    forget america, dear! because:
    a) the dollar value is shrinking. thank you, president bush!
    b) europe is europe! old world baby! none of that tacky american superficiality!
    c) europe has welcomed you! you have france and italy at your feet…which is, in my opinion, 2/3 of the fashion world!
    learn the romance languages and make this world a bryanboy world!
    ciao bellisima!

  3. lucrezia

    You must feel really happy because in the article on Io Donna they call you a “teenager”…have you paid them? haha jk you look fab<3

  4. lucrezia

    You must feel really happy because in the article on Io Donna they call you a “teenager”…have you paid them? haha jk you look fab<3

  5. Kellyn

    hahaha i was a bit surprised they called you “filippino” but anyway congrats and a big THANK YOU for making filipinos here fab.
    btw, sorry i wasnt able to buy a copy i was so excited to send you one but i haven’t seen the sun in 10 days memorizing crap like dU/dT=ΣΦ+ΣQ and more. :( so sad because spring is seeping in through my window.

  6. JuicyJuice

    I think that’s how Italians spell it anyway? Congratulations BB! Hope you get more photo eds!

  7. Kellyn

    yeah because here when they ask me what i am i always say filippine but i never knew filippino existed. that italian class teacher… hahaha:D

  8. xoxoiheartgabyxoxo

    yeah,that’s sooo true….but i still love my LA scene. nothing beats contrived superficiality no BB?!!! drive you anytime to the four corners of melrose/robertson blvd to get your MJfix!

  9. Congrats on the article, Beniamino is a friend and contributor to my site and the newspaper is one of the most read in Italy.
    All the best,
    P.S. Beniamino is also on IQONS

  10. karylnecole

    yay, i was actually surprised when i saw this article this morning, actually I didnt know about your blog and I got curious about it because they got you featured here in Italy! Wow, you make us filipinos proud! Keep it up1

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