In response…

Written By bryanboy

In response…

[This is a long entry so please exercise some caution.]

Study this pie chart carefully. Generated by my web stats program Sitemeter, this chart represents the **LAST** 4,000 visitors to my blog as of this hour.

Country Share, Bryanboy

That chart does NOT reflect the OVERALL demographic of my site but it should give you a rough idea of where the majority of my readers are located. That chart is dependent on the last 4,000 visitors who logged on to my site and the figures you see there fluctuates constantly based on the last 4,000 people who went to my site. Assuming 4,000 people from, say, oh I dunno, Norway, went to my site NOW then that chart will reflect 4,000 (100%) visitors from Norway.

Click click click to continue.

Now this is more accurate.

The figures you see on the right represent not only the last 4,000 visitors but ALL of the visitors who logged on to my site for the month of March. It’s a long list to be quite honest so I limited the graphic to the Top 20 countries.

You’ll see:

1) a huge chunk (61.9%) of my readers are from countries where English is the native language: USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

2) half of my readers (50.46%) are based in North America.

3) I have more readers in Europe (17.18%) than Asia (14.56%).

4) The Philippines, where I am proud to be from, represents a mere 9.29% of my readership.

Do keep in mind that these percentages do not reflect the actual number of readers in any given country… it’s just to give you an idea of where they are from. For example, for every 100 readers, 2 of them are Germans and 6 of them are Canadians.

For every 100,000 readers, 7,380 of them are in the UK and 4,060 of them are based in Australia.

For every 1,000,000 readers, 10,600 of them are from Sweden, 436,600 of them are from the USA. 92,900 of them are from the Philippines, so on and so forth. You do the math.

So why am I bringing this up? Why am I shoving figures of WHERE my readers are from?

Well, I’ve been getting complaints from a few irate Filipino readers (through this blog and OTHER blogs that have NOTHING to do with mine) expressing their dismay about my website content.

Complaints like:

  • how I’m being SELECTIVE on my content
  • how I NEVER (or should I say RARELY) write anything about the Philippines
  • how I NEVER feature Filipino fashion
  • how I NEVER feature Filipino fashion designers
  • how I NEVER feature Filipino models
  • how it’s my "duty and obligation to promote local fashyon" (my response: HUWAAAATTT?)

One blog which I won’t name (what a fine attempt to try to get some hits from me. NOTTTT!) even made a poll on their site in light of such complaints.

I was initially offended at first because there are 114 people out there who are CLEARLY misguided.

But I cannot hold it against them that they chose to think that way. Some of those people probably haven’t been to my site. My loyal readers who have been with me through thick and thin, have seen me sport blond wigs and go to McDonald’s on a wheelchair AND have read EVERYTHING I have written in the past should know better.

Perhaps these people should research what the word RACISM means before they associate me with that evil word.

Both my grandfathers (may god bless their poor souls) know that I advocate and encourage ABSOLUTE diversity. Not only in fashion but everywhere.

From the beginning of time I have always stressed out that I’m an equal opportunity lover and I love everyone (who loves me) regardless of where they from, what they look like, etc. I welcome everybody with open arms.

I find it amusing how these people complain about my content when every day I try my damn hardest to immerse myself in so many things online.

I NEVER limit myself to anything. I like learning about different people, different cultures, different styles, and different backgrounds. Variety is the spice of life.

One could only learn as much in a 24 hour period (when 6 out of 24 of those hours are spent sleeping).

Overall, I blog WHAT’S ON MY RADAR at the time when I’m blogging.

Those allegations how I *NEVER* write about the Philippines are UNTRUE. I admit that I don’t blog about the Philippines ALL THE FUCKING TIME but to say I never blog is absolutely false.

Right from the start, my blog was not intended to promote the Philippines in any shape or form. It just happened that I’m Filipino and I’m based in the Philippines. I should never be castigated for NOT consciously blogging about all things Filipino. This is a blog about ME, what **I** like, what **I** fancy, what ticks ME, what **I** love, etc. It’s all about me, me, me, me, me.

I despise this stupid and ludicrous nationalistic mentality how it becomes one’s duty AND obligation to promote the motherland.

But more importantly, I despise people who AUTOMATICALLY think that just because I don’t blog about certain things, they AUTOMATICALLY think I despise the country. I love the Philippines and I love Filipinos! I really do. HELLO?!?!?!

(Oo na nga, sige na, a-a-minin ko. Bakit ko kailangan magblog tungkol sa pinoy celebrities (except for Bianca Gonzalez and Kelly Misa who I like cause I think they’re pretty but other than them.. TSE (AND NOT THE CASHMERE HA), TSE AS IN CHE! ANG BADUY!!!! Bianca King? Raymond Guituierrez? YUKKKK! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS, SI TERRON WOOD, OO PA. Kanya kanyang keme lang yan noh puwede ba tigilan nyo ako.)

Let’s be a bitch, shall we?

Fuck this modesty shit and look fucking around you. The world is much bigger than seven thousand one hundred fucking seven islands and tell me who in fucking Timbuktu Online knows who Gretchen fucking Barretto is. I may not have (and I DON’T aggressively seek) the celebrity cachet here in the boondocks because there really is more out there in the world than friggin GMA7 or CHANNEL 2!

(Sorry Greta but I have to use an example. I love you though.)

I don’t like tooting my own horn but if anything, I’m one of the VERY few Filipino bloggers out there who put this fucking country on the
map so some of you idiots should shut your trap. My personality and my
shameless (and often silly) antics have been embraced by lots of
people. There are other Filipino bloggers out there who are more well-known than me, I’m sure, but I
bet you my fat brown national capital region ass they don’t have MY
personality and they’re easily forgettable.

Just because some of you are too Pinoycentric it doesn’t mean you should crucify me for thinking there is a bigger world out there… faraway lands to conquer… bigger fish to fry.


Let it be known that this is MY blog and I WILL blog about ANYTHING I want to.

You can never please everybody. Over and over and over and GOD DAMN OVER people will always complain about content. You write about fashion people will complain how you’re not writing about yourself. If you write about yourself too much, people will complain how you’re not writing about anything else. is MY turf. Learn to respect MY (enormous, if I may say) parcel of cyberspace.

If you have problems about MY content, you are more than happy to jet off to where the sun doesn’t shine.

Or click the red button on the upper-right hand side of your browser.

It’s a free world.

And to those of you who complain how I "owe" it to some of my readers how I became "me" so I should give in to their demands…well… guess what? I became "me" because of ME.

Not because of… YOU.

I write everything on this blog, I take silly pics of me, I expose
my stories, my experiences, my back hair, my warts and my moles for the
world to see. 

I change myself all the time… I have evolved (and constantly evolving) in more different ways than one.

At the end of the day, you are ALL spectators watching MY
show. The reason why I am "me" is because I try my very damn hardest to
stay TRUE to myself regardless of anything.

I am NOT the sort of person who makes the conscious effort to try to please anyone.

I’m NOT the sort of person who is willing to sacrifice their personal beliefs in order to please anyone.

I am NOT the sort of person who actively seeks out the approval of others.

All the good things that have happened to me over the years are icing on the cake and I am EXTREMELY thankful to have an audience (no matter how big or small) where my voice is being heard. I am super blessed to be able to have that opportunity.

If you do not want to hear my voice then you are free to go elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.

With all of that being said, the point I want to make is…


Now if you excuse me, I have to take a poo.

In YOUR words, yung lang pow.


I know y’all love me so email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all, AS ALWAYS!


  1. uh, what about Mac users who don’t have a red button on the upper right?

  2. Fuck this modesty shit and look fucking around you. The world is much bigger than seven thousand one hundred fucking seven islands and tell me who in fucking Timbuktu Online knows who Gretchen fucking Barretto is.
    – priceless!!! a-fierce!

  3. Amen to that Bryanboy. That Perez rip-off of a blog is trying waaayyy too hard. I dunno the people behind this shit but these bitches need to take a chill pill and rework their site. Gawd. I was fucking infuriated when I saw that entry about you. Yes, I check out their site from time to time for local dirt but the stench of insecurity is too overwhelming. Somebody needs the hits I guess.
    Racist? Please.

  4. James…
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m actually the first one to admit I LIKE their site. I think the bloggers there are absolutely hilarious and they are funny writers. I don’t care about their old petty entries about me except the stupid thing about racism because that struck a chord.
    The rest of their gossip I don’t take TOO seriously because it’s a gossip blog for god’s sake and they are funny talaga. I check them more frequently than my friend Michael K of Dlisted. When they were gone briefly I totally had withdrawal symptoms!!

  5. I ♥ BB
    you’re so right you have no obligation or any of that shit the point of the blog is what’s going on in your head and what you like and wear
    so screw anyone who says otherwise..

  6. Goshgetalife

    Amen to that BB. I am part of the 8% of Canadians that visit your site on a DAILY basis. Not once did I expect you to waive the “Mabuhay Philippines” banner, nor do I need updates about the TV Channel wars. I didn’t come here for that.
    I consider you a staple [like rice] if I need to get my fashion fix. Aside from that BB, I can relate to the things that you blog about. Not once did I feel intimidated, nothing went over my head.
    So I don’t really know where your critics [naks] are coming from, expecting you to promote the Philippines or the showbiz industry. I would never go to Holt Renfrew expecting to get “Go Canada” merchandise. I would go across the street at the Roots store for that. Seriously.
    This a blog is about you and written by you…A Day In The Life of Bryanboy. Not unless you start your own talk show [O divah vongga] or have travel and lifestyle segments on some TV show, will I ever expect you to speak of any TV Station or start waiving the Philippine flag. So all your haters out there can just STFU or in PG13 terms…suck a lemon and rotate. lol

  7. Me too Bryan. It’s the only Pinoy blog I know that has the balls to do what they do, and I love it that they also cover “socialites” so it’s really fun.
    But that racism entry? Duty and obligation(WTF?! Hahahah… This blew me away.)? Again, please.
    On a different note, can you believe how popular you’ve become in the Philippines? The stats were different say, 2 years ago.

  8. Obligation, my ass. They aint your boss. You blog because you want to express yourself, and be heard. You have no duty to any country, whatsoever. What are they trying to say, every Filipino blogger must always blog about the Philippines?
    I actually think they know that what they said was bullcrap, but they still did so so you can make a response and they get more hits. Vair clever. NOT.
    Canaduh loves you, BB! =D Keep on doing what you’re doing. I am so proud of you, you know, with the MJ bag.
    Uhmm, I don’t have a red button too. Haha.

  9. I totally agree with everything you just said. It IS your site and you can do whatever you want with it.
    And I love how you wrote Tagalog stuff in your entry. It makes you so. . .you. I can imagine you, in your Bryanboy voice, telling the Filipino readers just that.
    Oh, and by the way, I like Bianca Gonzales and Kelly Misa, too. Hindi kasi sila pang-masa kaya di sila baduy.
    I love your site, as always. :D

  10. Halley

    i really don’t comment on your blog. BUT i really really enjoy reading your blog… i actually got my friends hooked on your blog. VERY WELL SAID. kebs sa kanila!!! mamatay sila sa inggit!!! = ) continue what you love doing. i will always be here to support your blog… ke ano pa ang fine-feature mo!!! kitid ng utak! imbiyerna ako!!! hahaha. i love bryanboy!

  11. Madonna

    You go girl.
    I am fiercely nationalistic myself about the Philippines and Filipinos in general — and I would take out my talons and rip to shreds anyone who step down on my country.
    But I’m not so fucking idiotic as to think that you have the responsibility to promote these seven thousand and one hundred seven islands. How boring would that be? Di ka naman Department of Tourism. And Gretchen Baretto? One word: CHAKA. Same goes for Ruffa G. Only Kuh Ledesma has real style among these local entertainers (and she’s almost ancient na).
    IMHO, and on the contrary to these opinion, I really do think that you love the Philippines and I have not read anything that would reek of racism or remotely insulting to Filipinos. Unless these folks don’t have the thing called sense of humor or irony.
    You are simply one fine specie of humanity BB. Heck, that’s why you have an almost UN appeal hehe.
    I love you bitch.
    P.S. Just a note on your analysis, you may not be too sure on the “actual” number of Filipino visitors. Your location visit stats may in fact include those coming from the large number of Filipinos who have migrated to the US, UK, Australia, Canada.

  12. deeyou

    I’m from the UK and I must say that it’s only because of reading Bryanboy’s blog that I decided to read about the Philippines – and now i’m dying to visit! If only to by some jeans at Folded and Hung hahah..

  13. the power of your FIERCE-NESS knows no limit..
    you definitely GOT what it takes to be MS. FIERCE of your generation..hugstyt

  14. xelibry

    im from swiss, YEp all right the small lil country ;)
    I luv u bb <3 From SWISS

  15. go bb! that’s exactly why we had our cable cut to have ENOUGH of all the icky and negative and debilitating things we see on philippine tv. internet is the new black! woohooo! you must be proud you’ve found your niche and your art, fierceness you define in your own way. The main reason why the Philippines is poor is because of so much telenovelas, bad media, and that faltering sense of pride and drive for excellence, looking at it from a global scheme. I guess what I’m saying is PEOPLE STOP WATCHING ALL THE SHITTY CRAP ON TV and your life will change.

  16. Xubemen

    You rock! Don’t forget Iceland loves you, too, even if we didn’t get on the pie chart.

  17. way to go BB!!! Im Filipino, and even I dont read their shiteous and jologs blog. eeooowwww! and leche panget nila ha. I just found them because I accidentally clicked on the GG link.
    Anywayz, I love you BB! and chuvaness and Mich Dulce! hehe

  18. wannabe

    go bryan! keep on blogging. don’t mind the naysayers cause they will never understand- good example:GMA vs ABSCBN debate hahaha. You are not elitista or racist, dear. Marami lang talagang tao ang walang exposure sa world on a grander scale so madali silang mag discriminate and super closed na ang minds nila. sobra ka kasi nilang sineseryoso.

  19. Just do what you want… It’s what we love about you. :) I don’t care about the haters…
    Don’t stress on this or you’ll get wrinkles ^^

  20. Just ignore those haters Bryan! They’re just jealous because you’re an international star! I don’t get why they say that though, I remember that one post about the Jollibee…that was sooo hilarious! Plus, it’s your blog, it’s your decision to post whatever you want…and we love it!!!!
    <3 Love you!

  21. GO BRYAN!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!
    One of your most superb entries. Very very fierce!

  22. Nahh, I don’t think you’re racist at all. Especially after how many times you’ve said how proud you are of your nose and color.

  23. allen orlanes

    Amen! Bryanboy! Amen…
    What the f*** are these people saying.
    It is YOUR blog, so you can say anything YOU want, anything you abhor, in it.
    Why don’t they write those stories from the Philippines or ’bout Filipino models in their blogs.

  24. Hi BryanBoy – Amen to your rant. Who gives a fuck about what some insular-minded people think? If the Philippines has anything to be proud of, let his/her accomplishments speak for himself/herself. If somebody wants a fucking promoter, let them pay for one.
    Best regards.

  25. ambiex

    alright, alright, i confess. i went to that cheap perez rip off blog (which btw, is only successful at being one of the tackiest things to ever happen in blogosphere and is actually a gazillion miles away from being what it tries to be) to cast my vote in that poll. i was among the 88 who said, “hell no, BB ain’t racist.”
    i really don’t understand why some people would insist on what they think you should write about. darn– eh di sana hindi na ang site mo kundi
    hirap talaga kausap ang mga di ka level. they don’t even have a clue of what the entire blogging business is about.
    i would’ve wished though that you didn’t bother dignifying the accusations against you with a loooong post such as this, but just the same. sasabayan pa rin kitang sabihan ang mga inggitera sa blogosphere ng isang ferocious at resounding. TSE!!!!! (at tsupi!)
    love ya BB!

  26. michael

    I love you. You ate fucking fabulous. Don’t ever change!!
    keep it classy, bitch
    Love michael.

  27. sandra

    Ok, i don’t really comment on your blog and i know that even if i do i’ll be just another person added to the long list of readers but i just want you to know that your blog is very liberating, in a sense that seeing you and watching you do what you do, reading about your day to day experiences makes me feel like I too can be whatever i want to be and i really want to thank you for that bryanboy

  28. I really love the conviction you wrote this entry with. I’m in total agreement with you. Very nice BB! :)

  29. lucymonos

    go BB! it’s your blog anyways whatever you wright/type about it it’s none of their business, their just misguided fools. if they don’t like to read your entry then fine their always free to click that red x button at the upper right^. i’m pinay but i love reading your blog because ur different unlike those wannabes, keep it up and haters will always be a losers.

  30. hi bryan,
    first time to comment here. i read the blog that you are referring to and all i could think of was, “wtf! how stupid.” for a tasteless gossip site, it doesn’t have the right to sit on a high horse and preach about morals.

  31. those people have narrow-minded perspectives of what constitutes as racism. im filipino, i love this country–i read your blog regularly, but it never crossed my mind that you’re racist. good post, bryan. :D

  32. lass2004

    I saw that blog. It’s really gross and crass. They just want to get linked to you that’s all. But never mind that. You are free what you want to say. I don’t like capitalizing so much that I am Filipino, not because I am not proud, but it just goes to show that we are so insecure about our nationality, we have to brag about it just to “prove” ourselves.

  33. tytzzz

    you are a citizen of the world dear.
    you just happen to be born filipino and in the philippines.

    natawa ako.
    babe you are so not racist, i mean you always wear my hats with all your designer clothes even when we all know you can afford philip treacy! ;)
    “how I NEVER feature Filipino fashion designers”
    well bryan, its not your fault that everyone thinks im a british designer.
    i mean, helllooooo, im so brown and pinoy and bryan always supports my stuff so there.
    chaka ever ng haters! in the great words of michael salientes, “with fame comes hate, so you better be ready.”

  35. Bryan my dear, you are ferocious, and I love it. DON’T EVER CHANGE. Here in NZ (yes, I am that .7%) there are not many people like me, or you, and I think that we just stick out because we are so international in our approach. Keep up the good work beautiful, and don’t get the local socialise get all up in your grill :)
    Love Always,

  36. sob sob… bb your speech has moved me deeply…
    go bb.. you’re the best..
    reporting from aussie land…

  37. Red Moon

    Girl, don’t mind the haters. Just keep on doing what you do best. You shouldn’t even have felt compelled to answer them. You don’t owe anybody an explanation! Keep up this blog and I hope it runs forever. By the way, congratulations on the BB bag! As a fellow Filipino, I’m so proud of you and the honor that Marc Jacobs bestowed on you. To all the Filipino readers of this blog, you should tell everybody of Bryanboy’s achievement of having a bag named after him (although oddly enough, I haven’t heard of the local media picking this story up…yet.) You might think it’s shallow but think again: it doesn’t happen everyday and it didn’t happen to you.

  38. More power Bryan Boy!! Your persona is mainly the reason why i always check up on your site. THANK GOD YOUR NOT A WANNA-BE Perez for PINOY GOSSIP!
    Your on spot with how small the media circle is in the PHIL, screw gma and abscbn, like WTF! Earn a name for youself will you! AND thats exactly what you’ve done!
    We don’t need another cheesy and worthless GOSSIP BLOG where stars get to share their shallow and exploitive stories to boost their sorry careers!
    as you’ve said, THERES A BIGGER WORLD OUT THERE! Bryan you are FEROSH! <3
    Much love from Filipino Canadians!

  39. belle du jour

    They should fire Tim Yap and Celine Lopez and give you a column at the Philippine Star. hahaha
    Down with the Gucci Gang!
    Tim Yap must go!
    Celine Lopez must go!
    DJ Montano must go!
    Sign this petition for a change at the STAR!

  40. ihatethatilovebb

    very well said! still have it through these years, bitch!!! way to go!!!

  41. you are eff-ing awesome…
    BB quote:
    “don’t like tooting my own horn but if anything, I’m one of the VERY few Filipino bloggers out there who put this fucking country on the map so some of you idiots should shut your trap. My personality and my shameless (and often silly) antics have been embraced by lots of people. There are other Filipino bloggers out there who are more well-known than me, I’m sure, but I bet you my fat brown national capital region ass they don’t have MY personality and they’re easily forgettable”
    All I can say is…TOOT TOOT!!!!

  42. You are a superb blogger, Bryan. I read you every chance I get. You humor, taste, and boldness keep this site a must-read. Keep the fierceness coming!

  43. Bryan, keep doing you! It ain’t like they’re paying you to be or act a certain way, so there’s absolutely no reason for getting their wigs all in a bunch. Keep doing you, babe.

  44. TEAM BRYANBOY OL DA WAY!! I love you Bryan! keep up all the fabulous things you’ve been doing!! XOXO!

  45. Remember BB, we are SOFEEESTICATED ladies here aryt? I share the same sentiment with you, why the hell do we need to promote everything about our country when all we have here is either shit or…shit. The local celebrities are full of them, the media is stinking shit, and please don’t start with the government. Go on and keep the faggotry alive and wriggling…You know i love you.

  46. they’re not worth your time, bryen. dedma na. relax ka lang. jologs naman yung blog na yun e.

  47. don’t mind them bryan, inggit lang mga yun. DUH! you’re a celebutante. the truth is, they’re just a f-ing-miserable-wanna-be-you, doing it on their wanna-be-hot site. by the way, i’m from toronto, canada, and we soooo looooove you here!

  48. shopaholic in sg

    I think your blog is fabulous =) Wag mo na lang pansinin…. kelan mo ba naging responsibility ang maging nationalistic blogger? NYEK!
    E di boring na kung ganun.
    This is where I get info on the latest “IT” people and stuff.
    So keep it up. =)
    Btw, I love Rafe too =) Afford ko nga lang yung target line nya-pero everyone who saw my bag thought it was an “expensive” designer item =)

  49. jooleaneLOVESbb

    go bryanboy you re so fab glam bitch!!!
    hinay-hinay lang din!!! im a filipino but i think you are hotter than those jologs celebutantes like tim yap and richard gutierrez…. ,,love your blog
    (PS i read since i was sixteeeeen..)

  50. bryanboy, you know we all love you! fuck the haters, i couldn’t agree more with what you said! p.s. i had no idea about the U.S. to Philippines ratio!!! wow, you have lotsa us american fans! hahahha =D

  51. bcoz of this entry, i googled that blog..daym….such a trashy blog!! and they have the audacity to call u LAOS in one of their posts..
    Hello….BB Marc Jacobs Bag??… is that what u call Laos???
    Keep it up Bry!! We Luv U!!

  52. muahahaha i read that post.. since when did the fabulous BB become a public figure to promote the philippines di ba?
    obviously someone or some people had too much hatorade! hahaha tell them that the waaaaahhhhhhmmbuance is coming for them! cry them a river..

  53. Yvette

    I think the post about you in that gossip blog was unfair. My opinion about the issue was similar to yours, only you’ve articulated it so much better with passion. :) More than that, you were able to back it up with hard-data!
    Congratulations on your success. I hope that gossip blog will now know better than to launch another unfair attack on you.

  54. Hi Bryan,
    Everybody here in Singapore freakin’ and fuckin’ loves you….kisses kisses kisses…mwah!!!!
    Your blog is very interesting and its like the Bible to somebody likes me who loves to know about fashion and celebrities ( hollywood kasi pang international ka! ) those who are blogging nonsense about you can fry themselves up in their sick and pathetic lives

  55. You’re actually a very fair person and, I think, very ethical and principled. Not to be sexist, but you are most manly than most man.
    Your choice of subject matter are obviously genuine to your own interest; you are not pretentious, despite the cashmere outfit in 35 C weather.

  56. prettyinblue

    that’s nice of you to respond to their accusations, but honestly i didn’t think you need to worry or even respond. the best thing to do is ignore, ignore, ignore.
    keep on doing what you’re doing!

  57. olander badaso 4rm ph

    You may have a point there, bb. But I don’t believe when you said that you are proud of the Philippines. You always refer to the country as “the cesspit of the third world,” was that the way someone would say if they are indeed proud of their country?

  58. Olander, you have no sense of irony and you’ll NEVER know what tongue in cheek means even if it landed on your face.
    Look it up on the dictionary! Being gullible and taking everything you read SERIOUSLY is not a good thing you know.

  59. phoebe

    tang ina inggit lang sila sa yu!!!!!!!!
    hayaan mo na… mamatay sila sa inggit!!!
    go bryanboy!!!!!

  60. Roy Llarenas

    Very Well said Bryanboy!!!!
    Ang galing! idol talaga kita, pabayaan mo na ang mga hampaslupang mapagkunwaring makabayan kuno na mga yan. eh, pustahan tayo, kahit tanungin mo
    sila ngayon kung saan banda ang LUNETA PARK sa Metro Manila, at kung Sino ang National Hero ng ‘Pinas, tiyak ko di nila alam ang sagot!
    Love Lots from CEBU,
    the Queen City of the South.

  61. Spoken like a true drama QUEEN. And calm down or you’ll get a heart attack.

  62. Hi BB! I went to the nearest net cafe i can find as soon as my friend Bobbette (who commented earlier) told me about this post. As a very looooong time reader of this blog (I started reading Sept. 2006 and never looked back), I could only say that BB is the least person that you can think of who will not be proud of the Philippines. BB has not just opened up this “cesspit of the third world” to the whole universe, he does it with utter style and wit unmatched by any of these wannabe filipino celebs. Who got nominated at the Bloggies for best asian blog? BB. Who got all these love from diff. fashion personalities round the globe (from those who matter in the fashion world take note)? BB. Whose bag pose got featured in almost every luxe brand? BB. Who did Marc Jacobs name his own creation after? BB. And who is god according to the millions of style addicts like moi? The one and only Bryanboy. So you see from blog diva to diety, bryanboy encompasses race, sex, age, nationality etc. Then somebody just says that he must love the Phils, that it’s his duty and other shit. He didnt miss loving us Filipinos, he was just so busy loving the whole world! All said, we simply love him. I was already here when he rode that camel at the Great Wall. I was already here when he was bumfucked by the whole Russian Army (lol!) I also said at the height of the Malu Fernandez scandale that she did use Jo Malone for her perfume, pero ang lotion nya Mang Tomas! So I should know what BB is up to all these years: Something that we’ve known all along. He’s not blogging to promote one nation. He’s here to KEEP THE FAGGOTRY ALIVE! And I’m not going to die until I shove it up every one of those 114 people’s (who voted BB as racist) hairy asses!
    PS. I don’t usually comment because i’ve got only got time to read. But BB, i hope this one will make up for all those months that i haven’t commented. I hope i can send my “:I love BB” pics as well just to make you happy. lovelots… Ate Lydia. Basta if you need lechon, you know who to call!

  63. Sassy (also in NZ)

    That other blog is normally entertaining but I don’t know what they’re doing attacking you all of a sudden. If they had even read some other entries of yours, they will know that you’re sooo not racist, and you’ve never hidden the fact that you’re Filipino or are from the Philippines.
    Hello naman, personal blog ito ni bryanboy, and if it’s not obvious—he just wants to have fun! he is flamboyant, and he loves fashion. he is silly, funny, eccentric, he dances to his own tune— he’s all this but he is not racist. Sabihin niyo nang maluho siya, ilusyonada, etc etc but racist aint one of them, and neither is anti-Filipino. and yes, there is a big world out there.
    That ‘other’ blog entertained me a lot of the time, but the entry on Bryanboy really left a bad taste in my mouth just because it was so obviously untrue— if the blogowners of that gossip blog bothered to even read a few of Bryanboy’s other stuff here, they’ll see how unpretentious he is.
    yun lang. for the “other blog” kala ko nag-iisip ang nasa likod ng blog niyo, pero nagpagamit din kayo sa mga inggitero at inggitera. bad move, guys.

  64. inggit lang yang mga mga dong, halatang halata! kung kayo e mabibigyan din ng chance na magkaron ng bag named after you, ewan ko lang kung di kayo maiyak sa tuwa, magdasal nalang kayo na sana maliwanagan kayo at maalis ang inggit sa puso nyo….
    hallleeerrr!!! kaya nga ma CHOS ang comment ni ms dulce e JOKE JOKE JOKE lang un, although magaganda naman talaga mga designs nya! anu ba?adik ba kayo? nagkucoke din ata kyo e! tsk tsk tsk! may tawa pa nga diba? naku dahil sa inggit nakakalimutan nyo na sense of humor nyo.
    mahirap matulog sa gabi pag puro inggit pinapairal nyo…
    at eto pa ha, bat ayaw nyo maglagay ng comments section? takot ba kayo sa multong pinaggagagawa nyo?
    nahalata ko lang pow… (wag naman sana ko mamatay)

  65. Sila ang DUWAG kc they CANT EVEN PUT THEIR NAMES or pictures (bka cla din ay mga WHALES LOL )OUT IN THE OPEN…and yeah, no message boards…TAKOT kaya…
    Bry..just ignore them…baka sumikat lang sila lalo….

  66. Bryanboy, DO NOT Mind them, they are just JEALOUS because you are making your mark in the international scene. They can only hope for the kind of fame and attention you are receiving.
    They can only HOPE because NEVER in this lifetime nor the next will they ever deserve fame. They are nobodies who only wish they can be somebodies.
    They’re just riding in on other people’s claim to fame. They don’t have REAL talent that’s why. They’re merely copycats, like the local designers they are so adamant that you feature in your blog. I mean, they have the nerve to even copy perezhilton’s style. Jeez.

  67. Trouble

    Aww, never change, Bryanboy!
    Much love from your one Norwegian reader <3




  70. Poll or not you brought people to their site. This is crab mentality at it’s best. Just keep working and doing what it is you need to do. When Filipinos come out with something original, then do feature them. Thing is so far there has not been any, sadly. Hoping that Jun Escario and Dita Sandica Ong would one day. They’re almost there.
    Fame does come with a price.

  71. from alabang

    Hon, I went to that blog. Read their blog and thought to myself ‘Oh dear, these people are just about gossip and putting others down’. Next time love, don’t stoop that low. That kind of crowd is not to be acknowledged by the likes of you.
    I know for a fact you do support Filipino talent. REAL TALENT. It is from your blog I knew about Duerr (and they are fabulous) and Tiramisu bags. These people do not know what they are talking about.
    Stay strong, acknowledge where you believe there is talent. Don’t let them dictate what goes in YOUR site.
    Funny but, they are telling a certain Disini woman to not tell them what to put in their blog. They should really practice what they preach.

  72. BB, go for gold!!! luv ur blogs although i’m prolly one of ur new readers…harhar! don’t wori, i’m a fan for lyf!
    ps…dedma sa earth mode ka na lang sa mga haters! stay beautiful.
    much luv from lagos,nigeria, west africa

  73. They themselves don’t really do much good to their fellow Filipinos. They pull other people down, they ridicule celebrities, personalities, etc, so as others would do the same (hello, it IS a gossip blog, after all)
    If there’s a blog that SHOULD be polled whether they’re being racist against their own race or not, it would be them.

  74. bryan,
    i know you’re the real deal, not me. but all i can say to those who charges your racism: fck them. hahaha!
    why serve balut to americans when they obviously hate it?! getz?
    more power!!!

  75. olander badaso 4rm ph

    I know how to spot a tongue-in-cheek comment and I could even laugh at the stereotypes attached to being filipino and all, but if someone who calls his country a ‘cesspit of the third world,’ and now all of a sudden is saying he’s “proud” of his roots, I couldn’t help but sense a contradication on what you were saying then and what you’re claiming now.
    I read your blog posts from time to time and I couldn’t count those times when you said you’d better be off somewhere than in the “cesspit”, and stuff like that (although I can’t remember exactly the proper words and I’m damn too lazy to search your archives). I don’t know you personally and who am I to judge you based on what I am seeing on the monitor, but to indicate then that you are living in the part of the world where the shit goes… and now saying all that stuff above, I don’t know which one’s to believe. (the “cesspit… then” vs “…where I am proud to be from… now”, that is)
    As I have said I don’t know you personally, but since you are being “honest” as you are claiming to be, then let that be.
    (I could have read this whole entry, but you’ve lost me on “…where I am proud to be from” part.)

  76. shoe_addict25

    first off, when i discovered your blog, i got quite scared on how flamboyant you are, but that didn’t stop me from reading ’cause the bags you carry just envies me to death. after reading most of your blogs naaliw na ko.=p
    but to be honest i read that blog about you. i often go to that site kasi. guilty of celebrity schadenfreude.=p
    when i read their post, i realized oo nga howcome you hardly blog about filipinos, yada yada yada. but that didn’t stop me from liking you! i also read chuvaness’ site kasi, and your comments there are really witty..
    reading your response to their criticisms have actually made me understand your side, cause ofcourse i don’t know you that well naman kasi diba. and in this case im on the side of the one who has been bashed.
    oo nga naman, it’s not your duty to write about the PI.. very well said.
    mabuhay si Brian! haha=)

  77. brazodemercedes

    hey, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. :)
    i love your blogs and your kakikayan. wala na silang pake, kaya me mga detractors kasi sikat ka na :D

  78. I love this content!
    dang! you are totally right kaya nga blog para sabihin kung ano opinion nung mayari ano pa silbi ng blog kung binayaran pa ito tapos walang kakwenta kwenta ilalagay tapos pababanguhin lang ang ibang tao dang~! dats insane! yup tama ka dyan! no one can stop you to write whatever you want bec. this is your space not theirs and who the hell will care about em’ they are just some kind of bunch of stupids who are insecure to you siguro nagpapansin lang kasi hindi pinapansin LOLNESS :D

  79. Pinayyyy

    Bryanboy, as a filipina living in the philippines, i am SO PROUD of you! Who cares what anyone thinks.. just do what you do best.. entertain the world. :) MWAH!

  80. Hey Bryanboy!
    You’re so full of SHIT!
    I’d like to see you post this one, you social-climbing, fugly parvenu.

  81. this is my first time to drop-by your blog. i must say that i admire your style in writing. you are correct, this is your blog so write whatever you like. there are really a lot of filipinos who just don’t know how to mind their own businesses. if they want to read about articles that features filipino models and designers, why don’t they grab a copy of metro instead, right?
    anyway, i’ll drop by on your site again soon and read more! but, goodluck on your career and keep the good articles flowing!

  82. bravo! very well said.
    i know what blog you’re talking about – and let me just say – they’re social climbing bitter second-rate hilton perez wannabes! my gosh isn’t it obvious that site was just resurrected from internet oblivion by the manic interest generated by the GG scandal?!
    and excuse me, look at the pot calling the kettle black – i fail to see how hurling insults at LOCAL celebrities helps in building Pinoy pride. Leche.

  83. i absolutely agree with you. just because you’re a filipino & based in the philippines doesn’t mean you HAVE TO blog about this place. im a filipina. what is there to blog about this place in the first place? the nfa thing, the political circus, showbiz bruhaha? it’s a big world. the philippines is not the center of it all. hmp, i hate those who say they are proud to be filipino but they surround themselves with foreign goodies.

  84. Number1Fan

    Wow! This post IS long! But you gave good points Bryanboy! Your entries always make me FEEL something- laugh,cry,cringe – you name it! You’re one fashionable blogger. Having said all of that…
    Can you blog more about John Lloyd Cruz? HAHA!

  85. That’s telling them, mate! There’s more to life than being Pinoy (or for that matter, Aussie, American, Japanese, Chinese, white, black, brown, whateva).
    Btw, glad to see you had fun in Sydney.

  86. I just love this bitching! Just discovered your blog and I’m reading all the posts in my birthday month – March! Now I know why you earn a whole lotta money from your blog. I love you. Keep ’em comin’!

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