In response…

[This is a long entry so please exercise some caution.]

Study this pie chart carefully. Generated by my web stats program Sitemeter, this chart represents the **LAST** 4,000 visitors to my blog as of this hour.

Country Share, Bryanboy

That chart does NOT reflect the OVERALL demographic of my site but it should give you a rough idea of where the majority of my readers are located. That chart is dependent on the last 4,000 visitors who logged on to my site and the figures you see there fluctuates constantly based on the last 4,000 people who went to my site. Assuming 4,000 people from, say, oh I dunno, Norway, went to my site NOW then that chart will reflect 4,000 (100%) visitors from Norway.

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Now this is more accurate.

The figures you see on the right represent not only the last 4,000 visitors but ALL of the visitors who logged on to my site for the month of March. It’s a long list to be quite honest so I limited the graphic to the Top 20 countries.

You’ll see:

1) a huge chunk (61.9%) of my readers are from countries where English is the native language: USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

2) half of my readers (50.46%) are based in North America.

3) I have more readers in Europe (17.18%) than Asia (14.56%).

4) The Philippines, where I am proud to be from, represents a mere 9.29% of my readership.

Do keep in mind that these percentages do not reflect the actual number of readers in any given country… it’s just to give you an idea of where they are from. For example, for every 100 readers, 2 of them are Germans and 6 of them are Canadians.

For every 100,000 readers, 7,380 of them are in the UK and 4,060 of them are based in Australia.

For every 1,000,000 readers, 10,600 of them are from Sweden, 436,600 of them are from the USA. 92,900 of them are from the Philippines, so on and so forth. You do the math.

So why am I bringing this up? Why am I shoving figures of WHERE my readers are from?

Well, I’ve been getting complaints from a few irate Filipino readers (through this blog and OTHER blogs that have NOTHING to do with mine) expressing their dismay about my website content.

Complaints like:

  • how I’m being SELECTIVE on my content
  • how I NEVER (or should I say RARELY) write anything about the Philippines
  • how I NEVER feature Filipino fashion
  • how I NEVER feature Filipino fashion designers
  • how I NEVER feature Filipino models
  • how it’s my "duty and obligation to promote local fashyon" (my response: HUWAAAATTT?)

One blog which I won’t name (what a fine attempt to try to get some hits from me. NOTTTT!) even made a poll on their site in light of such complaints.

I was initially offended at first because there are 114 people out there who are CLEARLY misguided.

But I cannot hold it against them that they chose to think that way. Some of those people probably haven’t been to my site. My loyal readers who have been with me through thick and thin, have seen me sport blond wigs and go to McDonald’s on a wheelchair AND have read EVERYTHING I have written in the past should know better.

Perhaps these people should research what the word RACISM means before they associate me with that evil word.

Both my grandfathers (may god bless their poor souls) know that I advocate and encourage ABSOLUTE diversity. Not only in fashion but everywhere.

From the beginning of time I have always stressed out that I’m an equal opportunity lover and I love everyone (who loves me) regardless of where they from, what they look like, etc. I welcome everybody with open arms.

I find it amusing how these people complain about my content when every day I try my damn hardest to immerse myself in so many things online.

I NEVER limit myself to anything. I like learning about different people, different cultures, different styles, and different backgrounds. Variety is the spice of life.

One could only learn as much in a 24 hour period (when 6 out of 24 of those hours are spent sleeping).

Overall, I blog WHAT’S ON MY RADAR at the time when I’m blogging.

Those allegations how I *NEVER* write about the Philippines are UNTRUE. I admit that I don’t blog about the Philippines ALL THE FUCKING TIME but to say I never blog is absolutely false.

Right from the start, my blog was not intended to promote the Philippines in any shape or form. It just happened that I’m Filipino and I’m based in the Philippines. I should never be castigated for NOT consciously blogging about all things Filipino. This is a blog about ME, what **I** like, what **I** fancy, what ticks ME, what **I** love, etc. It’s all about me, me, me, me, me.

I despise this stupid and ludicrous nationalistic mentality how it becomes one’s duty AND obligation to promote the motherland.

But more importantly, I despise people who AUTOMATICALLY think that just because I don’t blog about certain things, they AUTOMATICALLY think I despise the country. I love the Philippines and I love Filipinos! I really do. HELLO?!?!?!

(Oo na nga, sige na, a-a-minin ko. Bakit ko kailangan magblog tungkol sa pinoy celebrities (except for Bianca Gonzalez and Kelly Misa who I like cause I think they’re pretty but other than them.. TSE (AND NOT THE CASHMERE HA), TSE AS IN CHE! ANG BADUY!!!! Bianca King? Raymond Guituierrez? YUKKKK! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS, SI TERRON WOOD, OO PA. Kanya kanyang keme lang yan noh puwede ba tigilan nyo ako.)

Let’s be a bitch, shall we?

Fuck this modesty shit and look fucking around you. The world is much bigger than seven thousand one hundred fucking seven islands and tell me who in fucking Timbuktu Online knows who Gretchen fucking Barretto is. I may not have (and I DON’T aggressively seek) the celebrity cachet here in the boondocks because there really is more out there in the world than friggin GMA7 or CHANNEL 2!

(Sorry Greta but I have to use an example. I love you though.)

I don’t like tooting my own horn but if anything, I’m one of the VERY few Filipino bloggers out there who put this fucking country on the
map so some of you idiots should shut your trap. My personality and my
shameless (and often silly) antics have been embraced by lots of
people. There are other Filipino bloggers out there who are more well-known than me, I’m sure, but I
bet you my fat brown national capital region ass they don’t have MY
personality and they’re easily forgettable.

Just because some of you are too Pinoycentric it doesn’t mean you should crucify me for thinking there is a bigger world out there… faraway lands to conquer… bigger fish to fry.


Let it be known that this is MY blog and I WILL blog about ANYTHING I want to.

You can never please everybody. Over and over and over and GOD DAMN OVER people will always complain about content. You write about fashion people will complain how you’re not writing about yourself. If you write about yourself too much, people will complain how you’re not writing about anything else. is MY turf. Learn to respect MY (enormous, if I may say) parcel of cyberspace.

If you have problems about MY content, you are more than happy to jet off to where the sun doesn’t shine.

Or click the red button on the upper-right hand side of your browser.

It’s a free world.

And to those of you who complain how I "owe" it to some of my readers how I became "me" so I should give in to their demands…well… guess what? I became "me" because of ME.

Not because of… YOU.

I write everything on this blog, I take silly pics of me, I expose
my stories, my experiences, my back hair, my warts and my moles for the
world to see. 

I change myself all the time… I have evolved (and constantly evolving) in more different ways than one.

At the end of the day, you are ALL spectators watching MY
show. The reason why I am "me" is because I try my very damn hardest to
stay TRUE to myself regardless of anything.

I am NOT the sort of person who makes the conscious effort to try to please anyone.

I’m NOT the sort of person who is willing to sacrifice their personal beliefs in order to please anyone.

I am NOT the sort of person who actively seeks out the approval of others.

All the good things that have happened to me over the years are icing on the cake and I am EXTREMELY thankful to have an audience (no matter how big or small) where my voice is being heard. I am super blessed to be able to have that opportunity.

If you do not want to hear my voice then you are free to go elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.

With all of that being said, the point I want to make is…


Now if you excuse me, I have to take a poo.

In YOUR words, yung lang pow.


I know y’all love me so email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all, AS ALWAYS!