Happy Birthday from V Magazine!

Written By bryanboy

Happy Birthday from V Magazine!

CECILE ZAMORA VAN STRATEN STOP THE PRESS THAT DINERS CLUB CARD/SINGAPORE AIRLINES PLANE STAT!  I know you’re in Singapore but the wonderful and generous fierce folks at my fave magazine ever, V Magazine, gifted me a subscription and they’re sending me the latest issues via mail! Woohoo! I no longer have to stalk Fully Booked and Powerbooks here in the third world. Holy cutting edge fasheen photography, holy fasheen inspiration V Magazine batman!

Demi Moore V Magazine

This is truly, truly, truly amazing. Can you imagine getting a little note from one of the fashion magazines I’ve read since I was a child?? And we all know I’m no spring chicken. 18 years old my ass. Creme de la Mer now, botox tomorrow! Hah! JK! ;)

Click click click for more V Mag presents!

Gwen Stefani is on the cover of V Magazine…

Gwen Stefani, V Magazine

whereas Ashton Kutcher is on the cover of V Man.

Ashton Kutcher, V Man

Both issues are gonna be sent my way, straight from Visionaire/V Mag’s office in New York City, US of A!

V Magazine, Bryanboy

V Magazine brings a WHOLE new meaning to fashion magazines: they always push boundaries in fashion, their content is always like no other, their pages are BIG and ultra, ultra high gloss!

Click here to get your very own subscription.

Can you tell I’m a VERY happy camper? Sooo unexpected!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU guys so much!

From JD:

happy birthday from V Magazine!

no more begging friends for issues of V!

you officially have your own subscription!!


Thanks JD!!! You’re the best!


  1. Giorgio

    Happy Birthday to my favourite fashionista in the whole wide world!!!
    May the spirit of birthdays bless you with a Lanvin dress, a Marc Jacobs bag and some new Louboutins :)))

  2. bb, you lucky bitch, happy birthday! :)
    you’re one solid proof there’s a future in blogging!!

  3. omg! international media – check, supermodels- check, local media – ugh, marc jacobs down, and now V Magazine!
    Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bryan!
    Wish you “more candles to blow”! Hahahah… Keep it hot. We love you.

  4. leviuqse

    hey lady! happy birthday!!!
    oh! and today’s jesus’ death day!

  5. katrina

    James, ibang levels na talaga and power ni BB! Kung ako tatanungin mo, I think he has more cred than the so-caled pseudo-journalists of the local media. Pang international si BB. Tignan mo nalang yung Brian Gorrell Scandal. If BB didn’t blog about it, no one would know about that site!
    More power BB!
    Happy birthday!

  6. thelovebug06

    You are freaking awesome. Hands down. happy birthday BB! :) The flips love youu

  7. of course, i won’t let this day pass without greeting my favorite gay in the whole wide universe. happy birthday BB. enjoy!

  8. happy! as in! happy bday!
    you’re so lucky! BB for V! yun na! covergirl is that you!
    anyway, i too always stalked all the major bookstores (e.g. fully booked/powerbooks) here but they don’t have V! heck they don’t have the local mags sometimes. i haven’t checked magnet on katipunan yet. but i got way way way back v issues from magnet so i assume they have current issues. can you ask v to distribute it here too?? so there would be V for the rest of us :-)
    graaaabbe happy birthday!
    (altogether now) how old are you now? how old are you now? happy birthday dear bryanboy, how old are you now? :-)

  9. mymailboxbaby

    your so famous happy birthday ;-)
    cheers fierce bitch!!!

  10. Genesis


  11. happy birthday to one of the greatest stars of the blogosphere! hope you have a good one! btw, you have the same bday as my hubby which is why i can’t forget. :)

  12. lengski

    a lurker and a solid fan here.. :) anyways, wish you all the great things in life,and hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happy! happy birhtday bb! cheers!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Bryanboy! :) you deserve to be happy you lucky bitch ;)

  14. Katrina, I know riiight?
    Yes, Magnet (especially the one at The Columns along Gil Puyat and Ayala Ave.) has V sometimes, even V Man but they’re all back issues like seasons ago. Well, beggars can’t be choosers and they’re at around P80 a pop.

  15. Much Love

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!! I love your site and u BB! I wish you all the best, including more hunks and handbags thrown your way this year <3

    all the way from jakarta, indonesiaaaa…
    love ur style! xoxo

  17. you should have this day patented to only you. cheers!
    — happy freakin’ birthday bb


  18. You know you’re a celebrity when magazines sends you bday gifts personally. :D
    Congrats, and on that note – happy bday! Now all you have to do is get Vogue’s attention, if you’ve not yet! <3

  19. Lloyd's of London

    What a great birthday present!! Happy Birthday BryanBoy! Stay fabulous as always!

  20. megawatt belated happy birthday bryanboy! i do hope your day was filled with the highest class third world fun and laughter:)

  21. this is such a super duper late comment, but whadahell, better late than never, no?
    first of all, belated happy birthday BB!
    second of all, holy fucking shit. all the Vs and V-mans (V-men?) I got when I was still in our beloved cesspool corner of the third world were back issues from that tindero beside the ukay ukay bins at the first floor of Landmark Makati. Magnet SM North sells some issues too, by the way, but, like, centuries late. Now I can get the current ones at Barnes & Noble, but (to get back to my point) holy fucking shiiiiyyyyeeeet. Free V and V-Man rags!!!! Could you be any cooler?
    Oh by the way, do you by any chance have any contact with V overlord Stephen Gan? I trawled the internet upon learning he was born in the Philippines but details about him are hard to come by…

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