Happy Birthday from V Magazine!

CECILE ZAMORA VAN STRATEN STOP THE PRESS THAT DINERS CLUB CARD/SINGAPORE AIRLINES PLANE STAT!  I know you’re in Singapore but the wonderful and generous fierce folks at my fave magazine ever, V Magazine, gifted me a subscription and they’re sending me the latest issues via mail! Woohoo! I no longer have to stalk Fully Booked and Powerbooks here in the third world. Holy cutting edge fasheen photography, holy fasheen inspiration V Magazine batman!

Demi Moore V Magazine

This is truly, truly, truly amazing. Can you imagine getting a little note from one of the fashion magazines I’ve read since I was a child?? And we all know I’m no spring chicken. 18 years old my ass. Creme de la Mer now, botox tomorrow! Hah! JK! ;)

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Gwen Stefani is on the cover of V Magazine…

Gwen Stefani, V Magazine

whereas Ashton Kutcher is on the cover of V Man.

Ashton Kutcher, V Man

Both issues are gonna be sent my way, straight from Visionaire/V Mag’s office in New York City, US of A!

V Magazine, Bryanboy

V Magazine brings a WHOLE new meaning to fashion magazines: they always push boundaries in fashion, their content is always like no other, their pages are BIG and ultra, ultra high gloss!

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Can you tell I’m a VERY happy camper? Sooo unexpected!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU guys so much!

From JD:

happy birthday from V Magazine!

no more begging friends for issues of V!

you officially have your own subscription!!


Thanks JD!!! You’re the best!