Chanel Iman’s YSL Shoes

Fresh from the runway, I *LOVE* Chanel Iman’s Fall-Winter 2008 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche shoes.

(Chanel) Iman also revealed that she’s shooting the Victoria’s Secret Pink
campaign this week and has been optioned for a possible new Ralph
Lauren beauty line. But it was the sky-high stilettos she paired with
her Doo.Ri dress and Subversive jewelry that really caught guests’
eyes. “They’re straight off the fall runway,” she said shyly. “I love

Chanel Iman's YSL shoes

But more importantly, I love sngirl for telling me that one of my fave fash rags, The Daily, published a photo of Chanel Iman wearing them. Kleptomania for fashion’s sake is the new chic! That’s what I call TRUE DEDICATION.