Amy Winehouse's face

Written By bryanboy

Amy Winehouse’s face

To be quite honest with you, I think this is more severe than a regular skin disease. She’s literally deteriorating right in front of our eyes!

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I’m not sure whether you remember the latest season of Project Runway but remember the HIV+ guy whose face blew up because he had staph infection and pus was leaking out everywhere? That’s what Daily News reported and I cannot help but wonder whether Amy Winehouse is suffering from the same thing.

Whatever it is, get well soon, Amy!


  1. I’m thinking crack whore. Damn, what a waste, I feel we are about to lose her, and no one did anything to stop her

  2. I’m appalled and disgusted how the people around Amy let her destroy herself like that.
    Yes, that includes her parents who supposedly “care” about her.
    She has all the resources available to her but her loved ones refuse to help her.
    I don’t know her personally but what a complete and utter waste of great talent.

  3. Holy shit…..and that is after all that foundation and makeup!
    disturbing and disgusting.That is what drugs do to you.

  4. Oh… what do you think her parents should do? Chain her to bed in isolation so she would get off the heroin and coc addiction? She will go back strait where she came from as soon as they let her loose. Her husband is a fucking dopehead
    so as probably all her friends. She is doomed unless she decides to change absolutely every thing in her lifestyle. I am thinking she probably thinks the drugs are the source of her inspirations ( wrong assumption ) and as soon as she quits her music dries out. What a silly thought. I bet she thinks it is cool to look like a beaten whore. Shame.

  5. BTA it’s called GETTING PROFESSIONAL HELP and sticking to it.
    why is the police not involved in all this? your average joe would probably get locked up the moment they got busted with drugs!
    i’m no saint. but i believe that it is absolutely possible to turn one’s life around.
    you’re right. amy should detach herself from her current environment. she needs a clean slate. until someone gives that to her she’s going to remain a hopeless case.

  6. Yes my lovely BB, I agree with you that getting help from professionals is a very important part of healing for many people. But trust me, no amount of help from others can change one`s attitude if one doesn’t want to change and help oneself first. Still it is a shame to see a talented person ( spoiled or not ) getting wasted like that. Heroin addiction is a toughie and very difficult to get over with, even for strong minded ones. I wish her all the best.
    BB you are a caring and good boy :O)

  7. antonio

    Honestly, sometimes you are funny, but some things do not deserve a poll and “Amy should check herself for HIV” is not something that can be voted. Stick to what you do best: being a frivolous inmature homo.

  8. I saw a documentary about her on TV weeks ago before she won the Grammys. Her father who was once a cab driver (not sure if he is still cabbing) is ‘proud’of her. Amy is the queen. Her family bows down to her every whim. She’s got the money so she makes the rules.

  9. Antonio
    This is BBoy`s blog and he writes any thing he wants here. You should mind your own business.

  10. nomoreangeliquecorrector

    is bb’s blog but he writes it for a readership and he kinda expects to hear what people’s feedbacks are. and mind his own business? well, if we were to subscribe to that, then we wouldn’t have blogs like bb’s in the first place, are we? i don’t think antonio was out of line when he recommends bb to sticking to “being a frivolous and immature homo.” loves it!

  11. antonio s

    Colleen, the moment one has a blog and allow comments, he or she is exposed to other people opinions. It is you who has no business on this.
    Anyways what I meant is Aids is a serious issue, not a matter for a poll and its not the first time that BB has shown a lack of tact with it

  12. Maybe she’s bought into all that ‘tragic glamour’ crap that too many gay guys fall for too. Marilyn, Judy, now this poor cow. It goes on and on!

  13. Noora

    that’s crearly a meth-face. she uses methamphetamine.. my friend does also, and his skin looks like that, and his teeth are like falling off..

  14. Noora

    that’s crearly a meth-face. she uses methamphetamine.. my friend does also, and his skin looks like that, and his teeth are like falling off..

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