Alexandra Agoston at John Galliano!

Written By bryanboy

Alexandra Agoston at John Galliano!

It’s 9:29AM and I just got up from a nap and guess who greeted my inbox? Good ol papi Sonny Vandevelde sent me these gorgeous photos of one of John Galliano’s favourite girls, Alexadra Agoston!

Alexandra Agoston

OMG!!!! I love Alexandra!!! She’s 100% elegant, 100% pure couture, always appearing in haute couture shows. She’s right up in there in my "underrated" list. I honestly didn’t know she’s Australian and I only recently found out from my dear Sonny’s blog.

Click click click!

Alexandra is sooo prettyy!!! This season she closed Marchesa and Martin Margiela.

Alexandra Agoston

I always thought Alexandra is Brazilian like Bruna Tenorio but wow, she’s Aussie!

Alexandra Agoston

Alexandra’s been a Galliano favourite for a few seasons now. She’s always at all of John’s shows: Galliano and Dior ready to wear as well as Dior haute couture. If you watch full-length videos of the shows like I do, you’ll see Alexandra is soo elegant on the runway.

Alexandra Agoston, John Galliano

Alexandra Agoston, Christian Dior

Alexandra Agoston, Christian Dior Haute Couture

Isn’t she fierce? I love, love Alexandra! She’s my favourite Aussie of all!

Thank you so much Sonny!!!!!


  1. Beefcake

    this is the first attractive model I’ve seen you post on your page. I’m impressed.

  2. i love that you included pics of her writing the sign – at least this time we’re saved from all those losers who insist that you photoshop these things.

  3. cooper

    she used to live near me,
    she went to school with a friend too..

  4. I love it that she pulls off dramatic makeup like woah. But you totally can’t guess she’s from Australia. She must have that gorgeous Aussie accent. :)

  5. Omg shes aussie, i always see her in shows but i never knew she was an aussie (i am too)
    she is totally my muse. what a beutiful person.

  6. oh my god, i think i just turned lesbian for this girl. she’s so perfect and pretty looking.

  7. ihatethatilovebb

    and whatever happened to gemma and alice who were your favorite australians before?

  8. al-nhur

    awwwww… i’m a vegetarian and their using real chicken as head dress,,,, awwwwww, poor fellas…. but eitherway, Bryan is such amazing that everyone might like him… CIAO…

  9. i used to remember her in the local paper saka australian vogue few years ago…

  10. Move over Gemma Ward!
    I’ve never really paid much attention to her, but I do believe she is a striking model. Good for Couture, and she can really transform!
    Just her name I thought she’s one of those Brazilian models, and in a way she reminds me of Chanel Iman, though I don’t think they look alike. I’m beginning to love her though.
    Hmmm…I’m gonna blog about Michaela Kocianova one of these days…she just blew me away when I saw her open a segment in Victoria’s Secret (VS). The only model who has opened a segment in VS was Jessica Stam (VS 2006 Pink Section), and she was just a new recruit back then.
    I’m keeping my eyes on Alexandra Agoston…who knows? Maybe next season she’ll open Dior and/or Galliano shows?

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