Alexandra Agoston at John Galliano!

It’s 9:29AM and I just got up from a nap and guess who greeted my inbox? Good ol papi Sonny Vandevelde sent me these gorgeous photos of one of John Galliano’s favourite girls, Alexadra Agoston!

Alexandra Agoston

OMG!!!! I love Alexandra!!! She’s 100% elegant, 100% pure couture, always appearing in haute couture shows. She’s right up in there in my "underrated" list. I honestly didn’t know she’s Australian and I only recently found out from my dear Sonny’s blog.

Click click click!

Alexandra is sooo prettyy!!! This season she closed Marchesa and Martin Margiela.

Alexandra Agoston

I always thought Alexandra is Brazilian like Bruna Tenorio but wow, she’s Aussie!

Alexandra Agoston

Alexandra’s been a Galliano favourite for a few seasons now. She’s always at all of John’s shows: Galliano and Dior ready to wear as well as Dior haute couture. If you watch full-length videos of the shows like I do, you’ll see Alexandra is soo elegant on the runway.

Alexandra Agoston, John Galliano

Alexandra Agoston, Christian Dior

Alexandra Agoston, Christian Dior Haute Couture

Isn’t she fierce? I love, love Alexandra! She’s my favourite Aussie of all!

Thank you so much Sonny!!!!!