$780 John Galliano Trucker Hat

Written By bryanboy

$780 John Galliano Trucker Hat

It’s like Von Dutch all over again!

John Galliano and legendary milliner Stephen Jones made this cute, limited edition camouflage trucker hat. The price? US$780.

John Galliano Stephen Jones trucker hat
Price: US$780 at Aloharag. I repeat: seven hundred eighty donald duck dollars. Work that mastercard work!


  1. Lloyd's of London

    $780 buckaroos for a trucker hat?! Wait, didn’t trucker hats go out off style circa 2004? No way will I buy this even if it’s Galliano. Leave this trash for Ashton Kutcher.

  2. Why? Did John wear those himself on his ugly botoxed mug? Did he snort coke from it? Such rip off, it’s common practice though isn’t it? Honestly, these fashion designers are like shady loan sharks. It makes the customer look ridiculous. Don’t some simple fabric couture skirts have the price of a Korean car?
    And I bet ya these hats only come in ridiculous undersized shapes only fitted for a bughead model.

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